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Other Topics / Re: Saints with sweet hats
« Last post by hecma925 on Today at 01:10:58 AM »
Paper doesn't taste that good.
Religious Topics / Re: What all human beings want is love
« Last post by Mor Ephrem on Today at 01:08:25 AM »
I certainly don't listen to Calvinists, I think their theology is psychological poison.

Reviews / Re: What is everyone reading?
« Last post by Mor Ephrem on Today at 01:07:38 AM »
I like the content but the translation itself is terribly wooden IMO. It serves in my mind as a prime example of how neo-Elizabethan prose is not necessarily more musical or poetic than contemporary English.

And you would translate it better?  How many languages do you know and/or conversant in?

Since when is translation an excuse for poor English style? Or are you saying Saint Ephraim's originals are badly written too?

Since you failed to answer the question I put to you I'm going to assume the answer is zero.  I just love how people who do not know any language other than their own feel that they can just complain about translations as if they know jack squat as to what goes into translation be it from  Syriac to Greek, Greek to Russian,Russian to English (as in the case with this particular Psalter) or German to Swahili, Hebrew to Chinese, etc.

I know Syriac, have helped translate liturgical texts into English for the Church, and I agree with Iconodule.

Your credentials/background  are not in question. Iconodule's are. He doesn't have a good basis for which to frame an opinion, any opinion on translation.  If he simply commented upon the English style (which is a different basis of criticism), fine and dandy. But, since he took issue with translation, I called him out on his lack of expertise.  I believe you have done the same for me on a number of occasions (justified and not).

I guess I didn't take his criticism as being so much about the translation (from another language) as about the translation (the finished, English language product in its own right). 
Other Topics / Re: Random Postings
« Last post by nothing on Today at 12:47:44 AM »
A point to ponder about.  MLK died almost 50 years ago, and yet I am amazed at the different versions of descriptions of the man throughout different people that make him seem almost fictional.
Oh so now you see where I'm coming from with the Gospels.  ;)
Board News / Re: The Fund Drive
« Last post by NicholasMyra on Today at 12:47:38 AM »
Yes, the disclaimer makes it clear that articles appearing on the front page do not necessarily have the full agreement of the staff. However, I think this disclaimer is mitigated by the fact that very few articles appear there at all (this was the first one in two years), and that this particular article almost certainly has the agreement of Anastasios our Old Calendarist webmaster, as do previous entries.
Yeah, slapping a disclaimer on it doesn't magically remove the implicit endorsement.
It's funny how nowadays the Roman Catholic hierarchy will tolerate anything stupid enough, but if some small parish wants to do the extraordinary Mass, they may even call the police...  :police:

Francis be jammin' too, mon. Praise Jah!

While we're at it, If Martin Luther deserves a stamp, Theodore of Mopsestia deserves a stamp too. Mar Cardinal George Alencherry, Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar church, a vassal church of in full communion with Rome, issued a statement saying that Mar Theodore of Mopusestia's writings contain "unadulterated Christian teaching". (source:

Never mind that Pope Vigilius and the Fifth Ecumenical Council anathemized Theodore...  ::)
Dude, they still commemorate Nestorius. I made a thread about it when it was his feast day.
Other Topics / Re: W.A.G.-word association game
« Last post by HaydenTE on Yesterday at 11:44:03 PM »
Other Topics / Re: Random Postings
« Last post by TheTrisagion on Yesterday at 11:39:54 PM »
A point to ponder about.  MLK died almost 50 years ago, and yet I am amazed at the different versions of descriptions of the man throughout different people that make him seem almost fictional.
Hagiographies do have that tendency.
Christian News / Re: BREAKING: Vatican to issue stamp featuring Martin Luther
« Last post by HaydenTE on Yesterday at 11:25:08 PM »
So, in addition to genuinely asking whether this current pontiff is Catholic should we now also ask whether the Vatican, the Central Command of Catholicism, is Catholic?

"Papa Francis, chosen one, lead us back to the Precious Son..."

I thought standing in front of the tabernacle to sing was LOL/cringeworthy, but then we got to this moment:

I found the randomly inserted, poor quality clip of Pope Francis washing feet during the instrumental interlude the cringiest. Also the fact that she's in two different outfits in the video, which suggests that this thing took two days to film. Two days too many, IMO.
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