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Liturgy / Re: Trying to understand old calendar dates
« Last post by ilyazhito on Today at 08:48:51 AM »
It's also St John-Vladimir, who is a big deal to Bulgarians, so if that parish has a lot of Bulgarians...
Who is this St. John-Vladimir? St. John of Rila (Ivan Rilski) is a very well-known Bulgarian saint, but I have never heard about any John-Vladimir.
Oriental Orthodox Discussion / Re: Oriental Orthodox Music
« Last post by juliogb on Today at 07:34:13 AM »
I like the coptic hymns Aripsalin and Je nai nan.
Religious Topics / Going out in public
« Last post by mikeforjesus on Today at 06:55:13 AM »
I may go late night shopping on a Thursday night and stumble people because I have returned back to desire for fame even though I believe I am doing it for God and my future family not being content with the gospel I found and stumbling them because it may mean I don't really believe in the gospel that I am complete in Christ. I once may have made many believe in the gospel by repenting of my crazy actions at university by avoiding universities and public places for a long time because  I once behaved like a street preacher except I was personally saying things to random people I repented by avoiding public places for a long time but now I came back which they may take to mean I am not satisfied with the gospel or that I want to preach universal salvation  or another gospel which they probably know I believed in when I was a student studying prior to street preaching
I heard people in the train talking about God. One person was saying his mother is a devout Catholic but he doesn't like Christianity because he believes religion is based on making people guilty.
I feel he said this because he thinks Christianity is evil because of me who by going out in public which gives the impression of not caring about people's souls.He seemed he wants no part in Christianity perhaps because my behaviour has made many people not want to be Christian because they see me as one who is never content. They may see me as someone who doesn't care if everyone else goes to hell as long as I am saved or successful in life and they may think this is a correct Christian attitude thereby providing no hope to their loved ones. Or they may laugh that God is losing and think they won't regret their loss of salvation because they think they can justify in their hearts that God is evil seeing the many that will go there but even if it is many that will go there they will go there because they deserve it and chose it and there will still be many saved throughout the ages and they will blame themselves for rejecting Him anyway.
I still will go out in public because I go to bookshops so I can increase my skills unfortunately they are probably right about their previous assessment of me that I mentioned here because I may have told myself before I got on the train if they don't love me and wish my success in life they deserve to go to hell. Do they really love God if they are evil like this who wish to find an excuse to turn from God ? More importantly why do they criticise me in their hearts and not find an excuse for me? Are they really loving their neighbor ? Could it not be it is really important for me to be out in public ? If they think could I not exercise self control and buy from eBay instead for the sake of the gospel ? What if I came with a partially clear conscience because my dad says I am not responsible for anyone soul and I just want to get an item faster or see an item if it is in a store to see if it is worthy of buying it online ? Because the book may be good if it is in the store
Other Topics / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by ilyazhito on Today at 06:39:41 AM »
It's interesting to see a recognition of Ss. Cyril and Methodios outside of a Slavic church. I also didn't know that St. Photios (of the "Photian Schism") was actually responsible for teaching the two of them.
Other Topics / Re: The Sports Thread
« Last post by ilyazhito on Today at 06:37:33 AM »
Indeed! Props to Cleveland, for breaking their championship drought with not one, but two titles. Congratulations to the Lake Erie Monsters (AHL) and Cleveland Cavaliers!
Religious Topics / Re: Gay Community Pens Open Letter to the Council
« Last post by FinnJames on Today at 06:04:09 AM »
What, of any of that, makes him amount to "the Orthodox Gay Community"?

Did it cross your mind that many gay Orthodox might be afraid to sign a public letter like this one? Until that can be done without fear of reprisal, who's to say how representative of the "community" this letter is?

You are saying that the letter was written by the collaboration of a silent but substantial network of Orthodox gay folks, but only this man was willing to sign?

I'm no doubt not alone in saying that I've never heard of either the broad Christian group this letter came from or the Orthodox group that sent it, to say nothing of the man who signed it until Mike gave us some information about him. If anyone here knows who the membership of these LGBT Christian groups are and how many of them support the letter we're discussing, they have not shared that information with us here.

But let's try not to be willfully obtuse. My point in the post you're responding to--and I suspect it's a point everyone who has been arguing on either side of this question here would agree with--is that there is a silent group of Orthodox (or if one prefers "Orthodox") Christian (or "Christian" if that fits one's definition of the term better) gays/lesbians, their supportive friends and relatives, in some cases no doubt even their priests, who would be afraid to sign an open letter calling for dialogue with the Church for fear of experiencing negative repercussions within their congregations. Those who support the status quo can do so openly without fear.
Religious Topics / Re: Jesus' call to the rich man
« Last post by mikeforjesus on Today at 05:49:22 AM »
Also Jesus said the greatest is he who serves. Those with riches and skills tend to think they are better than others and this offends people. It may stop people from accepting Christ. Does this mean we should all achieve nothing ? But I love successful people who also love all people because I assume they really don't think low of others but maybe they do. If my family are not high achievers and/or because of opportunity should I not try to be higher than them because I also may have made them not think their careers are important and they don't have to go to university. If I try to be higher than them could I lose my soul or bear little fruit as a Christian by making less souls edified?
Ofcourse I believe if pursuing a career does not hurt your spiritual life it is okay and I think can even edify some people and non Christians
Religious Topics / Re: Jesus' call to the rich man
« Last post by mikeforjesus on Today at 05:42:53 AM »
How to lead a life of giving when I want the most of everything first so I can give more to others. Also don't Christians need to be pillars of society and follow careers that help the communities.

Do we need more comfortable lives  which is what some careers care for or more safer lives like engineers who make safe planes do we need advances in knowledge do we need to search for cures for cancer if not us who will do it. Yet Pope Kyrillos VI in quote below condemns materialism and says we should put service first probably even above our parents expectation. Isn't tutoring someone a service ? How can one be a tutor unless one is educated especially if it is tutoring college students or people in the work place
Or is even that service not important for the church since we should only care for our soul and just to survive or the church sees tutoring as good to help people only to find jobs but not to support them following their dreams or the American Dream.
Do I have to worry that the world's needs will not be met if no one pursues a field. The world is in need of solutions to important things like making cars and planes safer and medical treatments and other needs I can not think of

“How needful the human being is of service of the spirit, in an age where materialism, atheism, apostasy and deviant intellectual trends prevail. How needful people are to see Christ in our lives and to smell His sweet fragrance in us." St. Kyrillos (Cyril) VI
One thing that needs to happen is that he needs to state clearly why he hasn't joined their churches. 

I'm not sure that's very fair.  Met. Seraphim is something of an ultra-conservative in his Church, certainly, but since when does that "excommunicate" him from that body?  Why should he defend his remaining a member of his Church?  Why should he have to answer for why he hasn't become something else? 

I'm not sure what the procedure is for the election and appointment of bishops in the Greek Church, but, having made it through that process successfully, it's safe to say that his "loyalty" to that Church has been vetted and publicly affirmed more thoroughly than the vast majority of its members. 

I would like to find something clear from him that also condemns those who schism from world Orthodoxy.  Otherwise, I feel he has double standards for staying, not for a genuine feeling of being part of the true Church.

Thank you for the links.  That's what I was looking for.  If it wasn't for that, I think I made a fair criticism.  Otherwise, I don't disagree with you.  If he was silent about them, then that would make me suspicious, simply because he joins in their complaints, but without joining them physically.

I don't know, Mina, it still doesn't seem fair to me.  Two people can agree on what the problem is without agreeing on the solution.  I don't know why he should have to defend himself for remaining a member of his own Church.  Do his conservative opinions contradict his Church's teachings which he has publicly vowed to believe and preach?  Or do they only appear to be so because others are a lot more "liberal" or "mainstream"? 
Other Topics / Re: Random Postings
« Last post by hecma925 on Today at 01:20:59 AM »
Google Translate for Greek is similarly horrible.  I've come across so many articles titled something like "The Archbishop meets with his girlfriend", accompanied by a photo of a bishop with some portly old man.

Trying to find the cake photos again?

Naughty, naughty!!

I sold Mor the DVD with director's commentary in both Greek and English, so he's covered.
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