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Liturgy / Re: Help finding particular Theotokos canon
« Last post by CarolS on Yesterday at 08:43:22 PM »
In the November Menaion by St. John of Kronstadt Press, for the Kursk Icon feast on Nov. 27th, there is only one canon which has the Irmos: "I will open my mouth...". If there was to be another canon preceding this, you would see it mentioned in the rubrics in this service, but the rubrics in the service say only: "The Canon to the Theotokos, the acrostic whereof is: "I dare to offer thee praise, O Theotokos", in Tone 4"

You will find that any service to the Theotokos has more in common with rubrics for a Great Feast of the Theotokos on a weekday, rather than the rules for a saint.

For comparison, in the SJKP Menaion, the Polyeleos service to Apostle Philip (Nov 14) when it is served on a weekday, the rubrics given with the canon specify:
Canon to the Theotokos (the Paraclysis), with 6 troparia, including the Irmos, and that of the apostle, with 8 troparia [... etc.]   This is the way a saint's service (other than the Theotokos) is done on a weekday, which corresponds with the general rules for a Polyeleos rank service in "The Order of Divine Services".

Reviews / Re: What's everyone listening to?
« Last post by benjohn146 on Yesterday at 08:06:44 PM »
Liturgy / Re: Help finding particular Theotokos canon
« Last post by Bob2 on Yesterday at 08:04:14 PM »
What service are you trying to plan?

Vespers and Matins for the Kursk Root Icon, Sat Nov 27th
Lord have mercy.
Prayer Forum / Re: Major accident in my area
« Last post by biro on Yesterday at 07:12:08 PM »
Lord have mercy.
Prayer Forum / Re: Major accident in my area
« Last post by Ainnir on Yesterday at 07:06:05 PM »
Lord, have mercy.
You mean no victims were killed...

Lord have mercy.   :(
Lord have mercy!
Orthodox-Protestant Discussion / Re: Desiring martyrdom
« Last post by David Young on Yesterday at 06:59:39 PM »
Did vikings really want to die in battle ?

I am not well versed in Old Norse sagas, so I may be mistaken, and I dare say it'd be easy enough for someone to find out about them. My impression is that if a warrior died in battle he went direct to Valhalla - not unlike jihadists going direct to Paradise to enjoy all those lovely virgins.
You guys are a bunch of punks.  I had all four wisdom teeth pulled out in one shot too, with stitches, the whole nine.  Plus, one of them crumbled apart and the doc really had to do some slashing and digging to root out the remains.  Big deal.  I ate eggs and Ensure shakes for a week - and ice cream (no infection) - and in no time at all I was back on normal food.  Just keep the ice pack on your face, rinse the wounds out with that syringe thing and salt water, stay away from chewy stuff and rice type stuff that can get stuck in there, and you'll be back on your feet in no time.  I went to work two days after the surgery.  No big deal.

Oh, and go to an oral surgeon, not a regular dentist, if you have any choice at all.

This.....i only had two out but I couldn't even get stitches because i was leaving for a year in the Amazon a week i had to tough it out and just rinse obsessively.

+1 here.  I only had my upper wisdom teeth out (partially impacted), but it wasn't so bad.  A coworker said she was "out" (of the office, not feeling well) for a week.  I was like, WTF!  After.   Just not that bad, albeit sore.  The place wasn't the friendliest - seemed more for medicare types and like that made customer service and friendliness an irrelevant business concept.  I kinda felt used and abused, but it got the job done.  I was given some vicodin type of prescription, but ended up only taking a few pills and stuck to ibuprofen mainly.  It happened in the morning and I took the rest of the day and the next off of work, but felt I could've gone back the same day if really needed (even if I would've felt a bit miserable).  I only had local anesthesia though and I hear that if you "go under", the recovery is longer/tougher.  But I don't know.
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