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Other Topics / Re: Ministry section on the forums
« Last post by TheTrisagion on Today at 09:13:45 PM »
Just report it. If a mod is consistently out of line, I believe there is precedent for them to be asked to step down.

No, there's not.
I'm not going to call out any prior mods by name, but I think there is.
Do you really think that the (relatively rare) occurrence of a mad murderer has that strong of a correlation to millions of sexually frustrated boys, and that opening a few brothels will solve these (relatively rare) occurrences?  I don't.  Moreover, I think looking at the problem in such a way is dangerously condescending, not only to the murder and his victims, but also to the developing young men out there trying to get a grip on their sexuality....while simultaneously being equated with psycho killers and animals who "just need a brothel".

It's also dangerously condescending to the prostitutes.

One would think they are use to that.

I am happy to mail you a Bible if you don't have one.

I happily have one, and thank you. And the comment went well over my head but I trust it is to make me happy as well, no?  :D
I know, explaining humor is a drag.

If you have a Bible, you should open it up and read it.  There's this guy named Jesus who is nicer to prostitutes than you seem to be.  But what does he know?
Well, He knows, and there is no issue there, but as we know, both you nor I are He.
And I have known prostitutes and they are used to being put into a condescending mode, as are most women.

They are?
Other Topics / Re: Ministry section on the forums
« Last post by biro on Today at 09:10:53 PM »
Just report it. If a mod is consistently out of line, I believe there is precedent for them to be asked to step down.

No, there's not.
Faith Issues / Re: Story About Finding of the True Cross Seems Unlikely
« Last post by biro on Today at 09:10:08 PM »
Yeah that one is way less probable for me. As my priest said they would have killed her.

Why is the Virgin dwelling in the Holy of Holies any less believable than a man rising from the dead after four days and after his body had begun to stink? The raising of Lazarus is uncontroversial, so why should the Holy of Holies be so?
Because of how it fits in (or doesnt) within the greater  history of salvation. It is theologically acceptable but does not really make sense.

Makes sense to me.
Oriental Orthodox Discussion / Re: Choirs in Coptic Churches?
« Last post by biro on Today at 09:08:31 PM »
Why must we pitch different styles of music to different groups of people in the Church? I assume you do not mean evangelical and pentecostal songs. Children are perhaps a special case.

We are in full agreement Abouna that we should NOT "pitch different styles of music to different groups of people in the Church".  I am simply stating that this seems to be a policy in some (many) areas of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate.

I can agree with this statement of yours; I woulr propose if someone dislikes Coptic misic they also have the choice of Syriac, Armenian or Ethiopic, for example.
But in this case you are pitching different music styles to a different group of people in the Church. You are pitching non-Coptic music (regardless if it is liturgical to Syrians, Armenians or others) to Copts who don't like Coptic music. In this case, some find it acceptable to pitch a different style/type of music - Syriac, Armenian or Ethiopic music (or any other example) to these Copts. Why is it so different if we find non-liturgical Orthodox music to use exclusively in a non-liturgical environment?

Non-liturgical music is not Orthodox.

Agni Parthene is a non-liturgical hymn. It's Orthodox.
The image of the sun in the post below is dynamic with automatic updates.

There is an old sunspot coming around from two weeks ago on the far left side, thus, we may not have any spotless days.
Other Topics / Re: W.A.G.-word association game
« Last post by Maria on Today at 09:05:39 PM »
Religious Topics / Holy Black Square
« Last post by Simkins on Today at 08:51:29 PM »
A Comparative religion inquiry into Modern art.
Can we take the arguments about the Presentation feast to my old thread about that from six years ago?

I'd like to keep this about the finding of the True Cross and see if people can help me tease this out any more. Please don't let this thread die a quick death!
Western Rite Discussion / Re: Communion at w.r. Wedding
« Last post by Sleeper on Today at 08:07:05 PM »
A normal nuptial mass in the Western tradition includes Communion for the couple, provided both are Orthodox. You mentioned the groom, but do you know if the bride was Orthodox? If not, it would make sense that an adaption be made where the priest alone communes, so as not to make things awkward. This is in keeping with the rubrics.

As for why a mass was celebrated, it has been this way in the West since at least the third century. I know of no alternate nuptial service. What would it even look like?

Orthodox priests are not allowed to have Mass in any "private" manner, and this should not be looked at in this way.

The bride is not Orthodox, at least not yet.  However, a number of people, including the groomsmen and a bridesmaid as well as a number of people in attendance were Orthodox.  It just seems absolutely out of left field to go through the entire consecration and not give it to anyone save the priest.  I know that in the modern RC rite, there is a simple wedding service without the Eucharist.  Since there are several "eastern" additions to the WR (including an epiklesis at the Communion), I would think that there would maybe be some reason to truncate the service.

I think it is typically something that is left up to the couple, since they know the makeup of attendees, etc.; communion for all Orthodox, communion for just you, or communion just priest. If one of the couple is not Orthodox, I think it makes sense to only have the priest commune, so the other person wouldn't feel left out. Someone has to commune at a Mass, and since there's not really a nuptial service that exists outside of Mass, I don't really see what other option there is.

But I see your point. I think it's just an adaptation left up to the priest and couple to find the best fit for the service.
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