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Seems fine
Faith Issues / Re: Are Christians allowed to self defend themselves?
« Last post by andrewlya on Today at 02:04:45 PM »
The Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the Saint Stephan of Decani, a Serbian King in the 14 century. When out of self-defence he was forced to go with his army in a battle, he later went in a cave where he was weeping lasting for weeks because of the sin killing (in self-defence) other people. 
According the canon of Saint Basil the Great, the canonical punishment for killing in self-defence is not be allowed to take holy Communion for about four (!) years.
Where does it say it in the Bible? Can this be backed up by any Biblical verses?
Why is that important? Orthodox Christians never believed in sola scriptura. If you wish to argue from that pov, you're on the wrong section of the forum.
Religious Topics / Re: Panentheism in Orthodox Christianity
« Last post by NicholasMyra on Today at 01:54:24 PM »
Incognito, panentheism is a vague word, but you clearly have a particular understanding in mind. You say panentheism contradicts classical theism and entails evil in God. Why?
Other Topics / Re: I have a science fiction novel out!
« Last post by wgw on Today at 01:29:12 PM »
Amusingly enough, the opening line of an SF story I wrote at age 15 in 2001 begins by quoting Dryden, but not the Dryden you are thinking of (rather the English translator of Virgil).
Oriental Orthodox Discussion / Re: I don't know what to call this tangent
« Last post by wgw on Today at 01:21:26 PM »
In retrospect, the idea of a Brony Invasion seems so entirely arbitrary, as to refute in all possible respects the idea of determinism.
Other Topics / Re: I have a science fiction novel out!
« Last post by Rhinosaur on Today at 01:18:46 PM »
I myself enjoy worldbuilding a bit too much to want to do a shared world type of story.  What shared worlds result in however are extremely excellent, tight plots driven by a strong aesthetic, since the author doesn't have to engage in worldbuilding.  The Cthulu mythos (sf/horror) and the old "expanded universe" of Star Wars apocrypha are probably the best examples.

You can do very detailed world building in Dryden.  The science fiction universe is ripe to be filled with planets and civilizations of all kind, while the horror universe is a giant multiverse where you can create just about whatever dimension you want.  Of course, once you place your work under Creative Commons, someone else can use it, but given the dynamic at Dryden, I don't think anyone would do anything bad.

And thanks for all the support, guys.  We need all the sales we can get, and I'm just beginning my writing career, so I'm looking to have a good, strong start.
Faith Issues / Re: Revelations presentation - any suggestions?
« Last post by Gamliel on Today at 01:06:49 PM »
I am not so sure on can get too in depth with the book of Revelation.  Keep up the good work.  It is one of my favorite biblical books.
Religious Topics / Re: Another question about the fast and Thanksgiving.
« Last post by Bob2 on Today at 01:06:28 PM »
Easy solution.  Do Old Calendar Thanksgiving, New Calendar Christmas.  Shorter fasting and you get both holidays to eat everything.

That's not a solution. That's a cop-out.


It's a little weird to celebrate Theophany one day and then the Nativity the very next day, but I know people who have done it. I've been known to visit a New calendar church on Annunciation to sneak another fish day into Great Lent.
Convert Issues / Re: Orthodoxy and Mental Ilness
« Last post by OrthoDisco on Today at 01:02:27 PM »
Hi ergro.
I am one who has struggled with depression and most likely ptsd since i was a child. I used to cry myself to sleep and pray for God to take my soul so i could be with Him. I was probably around 9 or 10 and didn't even know who God was. Yet this was strong in me that to be with God was release from what I was feeling and experiencing in my home environment. So I totally understand how you can just read the bible or prayers and feel an almost magical sense of relief for that window of time. I've experienced this multiple times throughout my life.
The only thing I can say is that if you need medication - do it. Genuine mental illness can be result of biology, pure and simple. Medicine can help with that. I've personally been on and off medication for most of my adult life, but im at the point where Im probably going to be getting back on it. (I personally hate it, but recognize that sometimes Im just physically defeated and need it.)
Take advantage of all the traditions the church has. There's real beauty and truth behind all of them that I feel really is like a therapy for those of us who are dealing with mental health issues.
How do you find peace best? For me it's quiet time in front of my icons with mostly jesus prayer, similar to how the monks do it. This is quiet stillness that I find my soul craves. Also being surrounded by nature where Im faced with God in such beauty and purity.
The bible tells us to set our mind on things above, not on things on this earth. (Collossians) So you are already doing that when your first instinct is to read the prayers. The psalms were always helpful to me when i was at my lowest. And I understand them even differently now, because the enemies mentioned in the psalms is often of a spiritual nature, or our own biology which the demons would love to see us succumb to. But we have hope that one day Jesus will call us to Him, and our bodies will be resurrected and healed of everything which plagues us today. So do not give up!
Somehow, I always knew it was wrong to take my own life even as a child. I cant tell you how i knew because I was not taught the bible, taken to church, and we were christian in name only. I would daydream about it, but I knew it was wrong.
You may be dealing with your depression for the rest of your life. You may need to be on medication for the rest of your life. I dont believe that "recovery" can happen for many of us. I think we learn how to live with it, how to manage it. And take the traditions and the various practices of the Church to heart, because these things become a medicine and therapy for us  in a deeper way than others who don't deal with mental health issues. And if our conditions ultimately draw us closer to God, Glory to Him who saves. (That is hard things for me to say, but I choose to look at it as a path to my own salvation.)
I think each of our experiences and conditions are too unique. You have to find your connection with God Almighty in your own way.
God bless you ergro.
Faith Issues / Re: Strange icons
« Last post by Antonis on Today at 12:00:05 PM »
That type of icon is known as the Archangel Michael of the Apocalypse.

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