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Faith Issues / Re: Early Church Fathers
« Last post by Mor Ephrem on Today at 11:07:36 AM »
^Love that man...
although keeping the Orthodox Catholic faith.

Not possible outside of the Church. We don't believe in abstract set of dogmas but in the Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Institution first, beliefs second?
I'm in the USA, and I attend a Ukrainian parish...and we are NOT segregated. 

We used to be, with women standing on the left as you enter, and men on the right.

However, over the years many young families have joined, and the parents wish to tend to their young children together.

Today, we stand wherever we like.

I am witnessing this transition occurring in an Indian parish and it makes me sad.

I can think up possible reasons, but rather than presume... why do you feel that way?

Related to this, I think it's helpful in modeling the faith for future generations.  Young men and boys standing on the men's side of a church are surrounded by and observe older men while they pray and worship, are perhaps even guided by these men in how to conduct themselves during the services, etc.  They learn how to be Christian men by spending time with Christian men.  The same can be said for young women and girls worshiping in the midst of older women. 

Writing from a plane so just a quick remark. I find this rather ad hoc argument for already established position. Holiness is not gender-specific.

Holiness is not gender specific, but we remain men and women as we are sanctified, and so how we live that out will often reflect that difference, even if it is also at times transcended. 

Anyway, what you quoted had less to do with "holiness" than upbringing, at least as I intended it. 
Much of that seems to have been lost with this generation.  Everyone has his own family, regards it as an independent entity that just happens to attend this church, and strives to maintain that independence and avoid outside interference except when they seek it out from other like-minded independent entities that just happen to attend the same church.  The parishes feel less integrated.  People don't know each other.  Cliques form more easily.  Parish politics become more contentious.  There's less a sense that we are the one family of God gathered in a particular place and more a sense of the church as a sort of spiritual Walmart.  The heavy emphasis on individualism, the consumerist mentality, the disconnection from other human beings, etc., it's all a major problem which the Church should be helping to address by being itself but instead it's steadily infiltrating the Church.

Are you making observations about this generation in general? Or do you see this ^ as a result of desegregated parish standing?

In the particular case I had in mind, I think desegregation is more of an effect than a cause.  That said, it's hard for me to see how it will help improve the situation rather than canonising it. 
Cheburashka. A popular cartoon character from Soviet itmes. Also, apparently a mascot for the Russian Olympic team.

Does this happen as often as what Anglicans do to their masses?
Stones, glass houses, etc.

I get your point, and maybe you are right, but maybe there is a difference.
Cheburashka is there to get a blessing (even an animal can get one), not participating as a special major attendant in the front of a cathedral procession.
They are probably clickbaiters and polemic lovers, that's the general impression after all, they want clicks for their blog and criticizing and ''debunking'' people or organizations are a easy way to attract clicks, likes and shares.

Btw, that meme of Jeff Maples in hell in wich someone use a photo of him and his infant daughter was terribly wrong.
If I was a betting man, I would put money on it that someone at P&P did that so they could say they were "persecuted for the cause of Christ."

It's possible, I saw that image in FB in the begining, but I don't remember who posted it.
I'm on a bunch of Odox FB pages, and the only place I saw it was when he posted it.
Cheburashka. A popular cartoon character from Soviet itmes. Also, apparently a mascot for the Russian Olympic team.
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