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Prayer Forum / Re: For making positive changes regarding health
« Last post by hecma925 on Today at 02:37:48 AM »
Lord, have mercy.
Prayer Forum / Re: For a dear departed friend
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Lord, have mercy.
Prayer Forum / Re: Newborn baby and parents
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Lord, have mercy.
Prayer Forum / Re: For Maria Alice
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Lord, have mercy.
Prayer Forum / Re: Mudslide victims in Sierra Leone
« Last post by hecma925 on Today at 02:36:48 AM »
Lord, have mercy.
I feel strong bitterness toward Roman Catholic Church now. I am very angry that RC nun and layman imposed the fear of eternal damnation to force me to obey the RC.

I received lot of verbal abuse when I was RC.

When I was studying in University in Canada, I was very involved in Byzantine Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Young adult group. I spent all my time for RC and Byzantine Catholic back in my university years. Because of that I almost failed university. I spend 6 years in university to complete my bachelor of science degree. However, I did not receive any spiritual healing and blessing. Right now I consider that it was wasting my time.
 RC took away my youth year and wasting so much of my time. Because of that I am over 30 years old now I still don't have job, car, house, wife and children. I am still doing the other degree.
you should fear for your salvation like the bible says, there is no salvation outside the true Catholic Church

Thou sayest.

no the Church of Christ sayeth, convert and save your soul

Pope Innocent III, Eius exemplo, Dec. 18, 1208:

“By the heart we believe and by the mouth we confess the one Church, not of heretics, but the Holy Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church outside of which we believe that no one is saved

Then why don't you convert and save your soul?
He believes that he already is a member of the one church.
I think that many people on this forum have some kind of (probably hidden) agenda. With Anthony, who started this thread, it is quite clear. As far as one can tell from his posts, he is really struggling and hoping to get input here. Similar with Sharbel who is disappointed with the Catholic church. However, I don't understand what Sedevacantist's purpose is here: He comes to an Orthodox page, trying to win over Orthodox for his sedis, online mission, so to say? Unlikely. Why don't you put your effort into trad Catholic audience? Something strange going on here.
something strange?? is it strange to try and convert non catholics who are headed to hell in order that they maybe saved...why would I have to convert Traditional Catholics since hey have the true faith?? how do you know I don't debate in trad Catholic forums anyway?  what's strange  is  your statement .
Ah... would you not like to convince trad Catholics that there actually is no pope? You certainly do not want them to continue to be in communion with a heretic?
Do you really think that your manner of writing and arguing here is going to convince any Orthodox?
If the pope is heretical like as happened in the past then he doesn't have the faith, you can't be in union with someone who doesn't have the Catholic faith...
Does the Church cease to exist when the pope is a heretic?  If there's no pope, who will you be in union with to be a Catholic?
This is actually an interesting question. Being without a (non-heretic) pope should - if at all- be a temporary thing. This is one of the core problems of
sedevacantism: How ever get back a pope again? How to have a non-heretic conclave?
Other Topics / Re: End of an Era in American Entertainment
« Last post by Gebre Menfes Kidus on Today at 02:27:41 AM »
I refused to ever take my children that place. Horrible.

The only strange thing is someone who keeps screaming proof texts in an empty room with the echo of his own voice confirming his beliefs.

Paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw, "I don't care about what you quote, tell me what you think!"

I notice some RCs come to this forum just throw many quotes but they never express their thought with others.
They just come here to post the polemic. They don't want to have any discussion with anyone. Just like what happened in Catholic answers forum.
Other Topics / Re: End of an Era in American Entertainment
« Last post by Asteriktos on Today at 02:00:51 AM »
It is one of the saddest and most pathetic places I've ever seen in my whole life.

Aye, aye, like the half-moldly sandwiches mom used to make for lunch. At first they seem disgusting, but after a while you realise that it's part of the charm. So many memories.
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