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 on: Today at 05:04:10 AM 
Started by Elijah - Last post by Nephi
The Bulgarian Rila Monastery easily has my favorite icons ever. Here are a few pictures:

 on: Today at 04:55:59 AM 
Started by mike - Last post by LBK
I'm not arguing that any icon should lack such inscriptions, only that wherever they're missing (whether intentionally or due to negligence) around a figure with a cruciform halo, it's probably intended to be Christ and not, say, the Father.

To be fair, I've seen icons of the Holy Spirit/God the Father with cruciform halos. They're definitely the exception, though.

I suppose one should look at the context then as well.

My real purpose behind arguing with LBK goes back to Damaskinos' icon of the Unburnt Bush. I just don't think the figure of the Ancient of Days is supposed to be God the Father but rather God the Son, even without the IC-XC inscription. That is all.

What you think does not square with iconographic tradition, or the very real and serious deviations from that tradition by Damaskinos, Tzannes, and those of their ilk. It is impossible for them to have been unaware of the absolute necessity of the IC-XC inscription for icons of Christ, or of the absolute necessity to express the ever-virginity of the Mother of God through the painting of the three stars on her head and shoulders.

The Cretan School produced some of the finest and most spiritually sublime icons ever produced, but, as the Italo-Venetian influence grew within it, the spiritual and theological integrity of its works diminished, eventually becoming essentially imitations of Renaissance religious art painted in a diluted "iconographic" style.

 on: Today at 04:43:22 AM 
Started by mikeforjesus - Last post by LBK
Don't forget that Apostle Paul supported himself by his trade as a tentmaker.

 on: Today at 04:11:56 AM 
Started by mikeforjesus - Last post by mikeforjesus

 on: Today at 04:10:59 AM 
Started by mikeforjesus - Last post by Gebre Menfes Kidus
Thanks Gebre

pray for me to heed my own words


 on: Today at 04:09:57 AM 
Started by mikeforjesus - Last post by mikeforjesus
Thanks Gebre how does one make sure he loves his neighbor more ?

 on: Today at 04:03:42 AM 
Started by mikeforjesus - Last post by Gebre Menfes Kidus
Wealth, health, and our own lives are not sins. In fact, they may be blessings. But if we love wealth, health, and our own lives more than God and our neighbor, then wealth, health, and life become curses.


 on: Today at 03:51:58 AM 
Started by mikeforjesus - Last post by mikeforjesus
So you are saying that is required of all ?
Besides if I do not want money anymore if I get an inheritance because I can not trust myself in the world I will split it among my family
Do all Christians have to give up reputation so it is said of us that we are people of no reputation or good in the world ? After all we all need doctors builders and engineers and God wants them to be Christian so if everyone converts where will be the labourers ?
I guess having a profession doesn't mean having wealth but the more money you have the more investments you can make to help the poor and if you have a wife she would want you to spoil her sometimes
The safer way I do not know if it is acceptable by God is not to get married and to work only to make a living and fulfill others needs because too much time should not be spent doing something you can not do

 on: Today at 03:49:08 AM 
Started by JoeZollars - Last post by Gebre Menfes Kidus

An in depth read thus far. I can't give a full assessment of it yet, since I'm only about 1200 pages into it. But I nevertheless highly recommend this book for anyone truly interested in the subject. The author does a masterful job of defending his thesis without confusing readers with clarity or burdening them with brevity. This is a book that will definitely leave you saying, "I read that book." You might not agree with all of the author's opinions, and you certainly won't understand everything he says; but this work will force you to consider vital questions, such as, "why did I read that book?"

For those interested reading this book, you may have trouble finding a copy. The book was originally written in Dutch, with a subsequent German translation by Gustav Von Snitzenburg. An English version of the book (pictured above) was published in 1958, but the book quickly went out of print due to lack of sales (most likely due to poor marketing.) But if you look hard, you can find rare copies available online; but it might cost you up to one or two dollars, depending on the seller


 on: Today at 03:14:31 AM 
Started by Osterloh - Last post by David Young
I don't know if King David analogy is good one,

Nor do I. As you say, it is not directly relevant to the Christian era. I was only pointing out that the statement that many Protestants are quite happy to consign multitudes of infants to hell does not give the whole picture, and indeed may well be giving a false picture of us.

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