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I'm told that the Trisagion held Christological meanings in Alexandria, and that it held Trinitarian meanings in Constantinople. That's valid. I just don't understand when Copts sing the Trisagion, why do they cross themselves afterward. Listening to Fr. Dawood Lamey, I gather that the Sign of the Cross is interpreted in a Trinitarian sense. So why the reaction to cross oneself during the Christological Trisagion? I understand the significance in the Byzantine Rite, due to the interpretation of the Trisagion being Trinitarian, but in the case of the Coptic Church's view holding it as Christological, I find it rather paradoxical.

In the Byzantine Rite;

Trisagion<<<<<<Trinitarian>>>>>>Sign of the Cross

In the Coptic Church;

Christological<<<<<<Trisagion---Sign of the Cross>>>>>>Trinitarian

Yet, they are done in concert as if the Sign of the Cross is meant to pertain and react to the Trisagion in the Coptic Church. I hope it's clear what I am saying, I can post videos if necessary.

Why do Copts cross themselves in a Trinitarian fashion when chanting a Christological prayer? It seems off to me.
The story only turns up on a couple of sensationalist rags and a blog. I'll wait until it appears on some real news outlet. Not holding my breath.
I agree.  I did a search and could not find it on any real news source.

'Real news source' ::) who, what, where is real news source?  ???
I was going to say "Daily Mail" but it does not appear to be that great a news source after all  :-X
When you refuse to do the paperwork to enter a country and because of that you are not allowed it does not mean you are banned. Next time they may know better.

Great the same go for the Muslims who get automatic refugee status too, right? ::)

LOL. Muslims can't get automatic refugee status basically anywhere in the World. They spend too much time hating each other. Here's a helpful graph on Muslim conflicts.

That one scary chart, it seem like a bunch of groups fighting to see who the most pure Islam, I'll give our Middle Eastern, Indian, and African brothers, and sisters credit in showing the Muslim's Christian love, and Compassion, even under these conditions.
Prayer Forum / Re: My final exams.
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Lord have mercy, keep me in your prayers too, I got two tests that count for a total of 60% of my grade.

Patriarch Kiril?

IDK but it does look like a younger Krill, the more I look at his face.
Other Topics / Re: W.A.G.-word association game
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Oriental Orthodox Discussion / Re: Oriental Orthodox Picture of the Day
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Is that an armenian priest inside a korean presbyterian church?
It's Catholicos Aram I (of the Great House of Cilicia) at a World Council of Churches meeting in South Korea in 2004.
Convert Issues / Re: Former Jehovah's Witness
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Hello, Amelia86  :)

I apologize that this reply is 2 months late. I signed up almost that long ago but was just approved by an admin.

I grew up JW, drifted away, spent 15 years "floating," doing nothing and believing not much more, at least not seriously. Once I was truly ready, the conversion (which is still in process, I'm a new catechumen) was not tumultuous. I have plenty to unlearn, but the passing years had already blunted many of the strong feelings folks might have, for good or for bad, about their original church.

I did post in the Convert Stories thread.

Are you in this situation? Are you curious about anything in particular? There is a lot to talk about, just not sure which direction to go.
Convert Issues / Re: Conversion Stories
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Hi Calla, welcome to the forum and to the Church!

What would you consider a "softer" manosphere blog?

Thank you.

I suppose anything that isn't full on PUA, or crosses over into other topics as well. I don't endorse everything in all of them - slatestarcodex, Dr. Helen, Athol Kay. Maybe 'related' would have been a better word.

Is that an armenian priest inside a korean presbyterian church?

Where did you get the photo from?
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