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Are St. Gregory Palamas and Benedictus Deus necessarily in conflict? It seems that when Benedictus Deus proclaims that the blessed see the divine essence, it could very well simply mean a denial of the claim that the blessed have the vision of God mediated by a creature (which it expressly condemns right after stating the blessed see the divine essence). Now, St. Gregory Palamas's position is certainly not that the energies which the blessed see are creatures!
Also note that St. Gregory Palamas himself, in Theophanes and the 150 Chapters says that one can be fully orthodox and say that the blessed participate in the divine nature (he remarks that quite a few Fathers spoke this way); so long as by this it is meant not the divine essence without qualification, but the energies which the divine essence has by nature.
Reviews / Re: What's everyone listening to?
« Last post by mcarmichael on Today at 01:00:20 AM »
Youtube kindly presented me with Arcade Fire - The Suburbs:
Prayer Forum / Cultural courtship problems for acquaintance
« Last post by Rhinosaur on Today at 12:52:42 AM »
Someone I ran into currently ran into cannot marry the woman he loves due to the fact that the family of the woman does not approve of intercaste marriage (they're Indian).  Please keep them in your prayers.
Prayer Forum / Re: Dad of my Sister-in-Law
« Last post by Charles1967 on Today at 12:50:53 AM »
May the good LORD guide the doctors to help him
LORD have Mercy
C'mon, Mina. We're all pulling for you, mate.
Slavic Languages / Re: Serbo-Croatian, other Balkan speakers
« Last post by Charles1967 on Today at 12:31:17 AM »
Zdravo Svima
Ja sam Charlie iz California
Samo malo Srpski razumem.
Radjiom u Amerika. Moj prededa i prebaba
Doslao iz Beograd i Macva serbia pre sto godina.od amerika
Excuse my mispelling. My family left the old country over 100 years ago. Picked up a bit from my grandparents and am trying to learn the rest. But we still observe the old ways and customs Slava ect.

Dobrodošao Charlie :)
Ja bih rekla, da nije loše sa Tvojim srpskim, ako već je prošlo 100 godina od ove migracije. Ako ostaću u Poljskoj, volela bih (i bih bila iznenađena) da moji praunuci tako govore srpski ;)
Koju Slavu slaviš?
* Excuse this extra post  dont know how to delete it on android phone. .
Prayer Forum / Dad of my Sister-in-Law
« Last post by Gamliel on Today at 12:30:51 AM »
Please pray for the Dad of my sister-in-law.  He has 20% use of his heart, kidney trouble, a bleeding GI, and an infection.  It came on very fast, whatever happened.
Reviews / Re: What is everyone reading?
« Last post by biro on Today at 12:09:40 AM »
"The Invisible Guardian," Dolores Redondo.
Prayer Forum / Re: Please Help me with your prayers
« Last post by biro on Today at 12:06:35 AM »
Lord have mercy.
Reviews / Re: What's everyone listening to?
« Last post by Gamliel on Today at 12:00:02 AM »
Recently the Mrs. & I went to see Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork of the Monkees.  Great show!
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