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Reviews / Re: New Star Trek TV series coming in 2017!
« Last post by Vlad on Today at 12:15:34 AM »
I saw a seemingly legit video showing a new Klingon ship design (to go with the new Klingons themselves). Meh. I am getting more and more pessimistic about this. I didn't want to believe that Fuller gave up being showrunner because the higher-ups were forcing all sorts of trash onto them, but as more details leak out that does seem to be the reality. People are using words like 'soft reboot,' and I'm not even opposed to that if done well. Roddenberry and ST writers never focused on some strict canon that had to be kept, and certain parts of Trek have long been a confused mess. But all this stuff? Ugh.

I know Roddenberry was very focused on canon, as it applied to his utopian vision of the future of humankind .
I have read many books that said that his vision of the future was his guiding principle.

He was Inspired by science fiction greats such as Issac Asimov and H.G.Wells.
They both had a solid foundation of principle, along with the fantasy.
Asimov wrote the basis for Data later being accepted as a real officer in the Federation, and not just an assemblage of parts.

That was all Roddenberry .
He was inspired by Asimov canon of laws regarding robots.

I think the Roddenberry thing is, tbh, a bit romanticized. For example in the original series even the most level-headed, like Spock, sometimes had a 'cowboy diplomacy' mentality, shooting first and leaving questions for later; a "western in space" would be pretty boring without some action sequences, after all. I think the "positive vision for the future" Gene supposedly had, along with goody-two-shoes schtick of TNG, has been read back into TOS to some degree. Although, by 'canon' I meant not so much large themes, but moreso details of who was where in the galaxy, when this or that happened, how entire species acted or looked, or character quirks or motivations (one I have mentioned before is how, in later TNG episodes, the idea that Data can't use contractions is made into a significant plot point... despite Data using contractions in the first season).

Let's not forget that Prime Directive. Was it EVER followed in TOS. I think the "western in space" is why I like the Original better. I like sci/fi to have action. I like TNG , but, Picard talks to much. I do think that Enterprise was a pretty good view of reality. Archer was a much more "real" Captain the best of both Kirk and Picard. It was like he had Kirk and Picard on his shoulders whispering to him what to do like the good angel bad angel motif.
Other Topics / Re: W.A.G.-word association game
« Last post by Gamliel on Today at 12:13:11 AM »
Other Topics / Re: Ban the person above
« Last post by hecma925 on Today at 12:11:53 AM »
Banned for seeing mares.
Dear Opus,
I agree with
calmly and caringly trying to understand the basis of their opinion and gently state why you think they erred with specificity. 
using detailed and dispassionate reasoning/arguments to see your point of view
He is saying that I am "Satan" for giving him a directory of local Orthodox churches.
Please say what you think the best way to engage with this.

Dear Rakovsky

I do not know. This situation was already poisoned, thus the "Satan" thing. I was hoping to start from the very beginning that started all of this. It depends on if Sinful Hypocrite is willing to start all over again. I think his heart is/was in the right place to a large degree. Asteriktos drifts in and out of belief, yet I find his humility an example that is instructive and what I strive to follow. He makes this forum worthwhile.
Faith Issues / Faith & Works in Romans 4
« Last post by TheTrisagion on Yesterday at 11:45:23 PM »
So I have a question. Normally when I hear discussions within Orthodoxy regarding faith and works, it is always emphasized that we do not contrast these two things, but rather see them as complimentary. This is supported in St. James' letter. In reading the Book of Romans, however, it seems that St. Paul is doing just that, drawing a striking contrast between the two. Can someone explain what his purpose in doing so is, and how we understand the context in which he is writing in?
Prayer Forum / Re: Health issues
« Last post by marigold on Yesterday at 11:38:01 PM »
Lord, have mercy on Peace, and heal her.
Prayer Forum / Re: For my coworker
« Last post by marigold on Yesterday at 11:36:56 PM »
Lord, have mercy on Olivia and her mother.
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