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 on: Today at 08:30:50 AM 
Started by Peacemaker - Last post by WPM

 on: Today at 08:24:21 AM 
Started by Ca$hMoney - Last post by WPM
I am in my 40s.  I converted when I was 20 to Roman Catholicism while at a Catholic college.  I was received into the RCC and eventually, after dropping out of college to pursue a more lucrative set of opportunities, completed my degree in theology at a Jesuit college.  The priest who confirmed was an old school Jesuit father, Louvain educated and very dedicated... if a bit eccentric.  

I find myself now single and living in a quasi-remote area.  Several years ago, after completing my theological studies, I applied to be a Jesuit and was rejected.  The committee had determined that I was not suited to be a Jesuit on the basis of my involvement with a Greek Catholic parish in my city.  (I had and still have a lot of admiration for Fr. Robert Taft, S.J.) The Greek Catholic pastor of that parish had in fact written a letter of recommendation to the Jesuits in my province.  The phone call I received from Fr. X said, literally, "you need to find your place in the Greek Orthodox Church."  After several months, I stopped attending Mass.  The Greek Catholic priest had a way of being abusive sometimes and I simply felt Roman Catholicism was alien to me for any number of reasons.  Having a clergyman invite you to *leave* his church was of course a sign from God.  

I was a bit surprised that I was being told to leave the RCC for the GOC by a Jesuit whose order I had applied to.  Several things ensued thereafter, including getting married to a Russian Orthodox Christian and then getting divorced soon after because I was not able to come up with a substantial amount of money to buy an apartment in Moscow.  I had decided that a religious vocation was not for me.  I was physically abused during my brief marriage and opted to file for divorce because of my family's history of domestic violence.  I would get beat up and the neighbors would call the cops on me.

Skip to now:  I live alone in a new house out in the middle of the sticks.  Spiritually, I'm suffering.  I've always had this interest in monastic living.  I had begun studying Orthodoxy at the Greek cathedral in my city, but owing to my mother's deteriorating health, I opted to move away to assist here.  I work from home most of the time now and, while attracted to Orthodoxy, find that Greeks are a bit distant to Anglo-Saxons.  This is my *personal* experience and is not a judgment on anyone.  Still, I'm rapidly warming up to attending a small Greek mission church in a nearby town.  I've had to reexamine my spiritual life following the suicide of an older brother a couple of weeks ago.  The Brothers Karamazov has been my latest reading project; my brother's death came shortly after I finished Fr. Zossima's last address to his community.  I judge it a grace to have read in unknowing preparation for the death of a sibling.  

To sum up:  I live on a nice plot of about 6.5 acres.  God has been good to me even in my bleakest times in life.  Is there a primer for how to live monastically (quasi) for a layman?  I've posted in the past on my interest in Orthodoxy and have waffled on committing to it, most recently because of my mom's poor health.  I think living ascetically as an ordinary guy would help me deal with a lot of personal demons while drawing me closer to God.  The problem I've found with single living is that a big part of the world simply ignores you in favor of watching tv, surfing the 'net, raising kids, etc.  

I think its the mistake a grandiose delusion to think that you would join the monastic order and become a Saint. (Especially when you're rejected or the priest doesn't understand you) ...(Not the one good priest at St. Peter's but the type of priest that has taken a stupid pill.)

 on: Today at 08:19:27 AM 
Started by minasoliman - Last post by WPM
Hello all!

I'm asked to give a talk on time management to undergraduate youth (I'm the worst person to give it) Tongue

In any case, I've been doing a search, basically on Ancient Faith Radio and some other sites, and I think I have an idea what to talk about (and most probably to learn best for myself).  But I have a favor to ask all of you lovely folks.  Do you happen to know perhaps a patristic lesson on "Time Management" (EO or OO)?  If not, what about contemporary Orthodox theologians on the subject (EO or OO)?

I appreciate all the help!  Thank you!

Ancient/Old Rome used Sundials to measure daylight.

 on: Today at 08:12:10 AM 
Started by minasoliman - Last post by WPM
Time management is for a real job and a working career.  laugh

 on: Today at 08:06:21 AM 
Started by Ca$hMoney - Last post by pasadi97
Don't make any promise to God as you don't know what life has in store for you. Monasticism is not easy.If you make a promise sick angels can fight you to break it, so one more war to start is not great.

 on: Today at 08:05:42 AM 
Started by john_mo - Last post by Jonathan Gress
...modern Islamist groups are extremely anti-intellectual. For instance, Boko Haram claims that the Earth is flat and that rain is not the result of evaporation. Other takfiri groups hold similar views.

Kinda sounds like Christianity, what with all the evolution denial, Creationism, and all that stuff.

Creationism by religion

The study seems flawed by its very premise.

Evolution doesn't seek to explain the origin of life--that's abiogenesis--rather, it seeks to explain the diversity of life.

Read the survey question again more carefully.

 on: Today at 08:04:33 AM 
Started by Dan-Romania - Last post by WPM
Is God directly participating and active in the on-going events of the world? How is God's interaction with the world ? Is he all active, all present in all the plans of creation, bringing the whole of creation into its destiny? Or is His interaction only episodical, letting things up to people, and the course of nature and intervening from time to time. If so what triggers God's intervention in the world?  How does one know when God has intervene in the world? How can one bring God's intervention into his life and under which condition and timeline does it happen?

Who exactly are you referring to? ...

 on: Today at 08:02:20 AM 
Started by john_mo - Last post by WPM
No the two sects aren't authentic schools. There are eight known schools( madhab) in Islam. Sunni are hanafi maliki hanbali  Sufi  Shia are 12 7 5 and something else.
As for Muslims knowledge of Christians you'd be surprised of how much of the bible they know. Some know it better than most Christians. Yes they know of the major sects of Christians. Sunni where first like Catholic only they just called them self Muslim the word sunni didn't come about till Shia came about. Which was over power struggle. Hanafi and Maliki are the two best schools in my opinion.

No Muslim I have ever known knows the basics of the Bible or Christianity. And many of my friends growing up were Muslim.
you must of been hanging out with the wrong group.

Which group? ...

 on: Today at 08:01:30 AM 
Started by john_mo - Last post by WPM
If the authentic Christian according to Islam is a Muslim, is the authentic Muslim according to Christianity a Christian?

Technically, Islam means to submit to the true God. So, if Christ is "true God of true God," then that would make Christians Muslims.

And so Christians and Muslims are revealed to actually be--brace yourselves--Jews.

I don't get it ... If you actually were a Jew/Jewish descended from a bloodline of kings.

 on: Today at 07:55:59 AM 
Started by xOrthodox4Christx - Last post by hecma925
I don't get why the 30 day post-moderation for making a simple comment.

Wrong place to ask.

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