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Grant rest to your servant, O Lord.
may his memory be eternal lord have mercy
Other Topics / Re: I wish these people were still posting
« Last post by seekeroftruth777 on Today at 06:13:29 PM »
ok I read what lead to volnutt leaving and while I don't think volnutt was right the words used here and the words chosen here can be kind of harsh at times towards each other and guests. Volnutt come back!

1. Who will pay the cost of all that worcestershire sauce?

2. Where will you dump it afterwards?

3. Advise the dunkee to wash his eyes and body afterwards. That stuff must smart.

1.  Do you ask the priest who pays for the water during baptisms?  Does the repentant sinner ask where the water and oil come from before baptism?  Do not worry about it.

2.  We give it to restaurants in California as a blessing.

3.  It does sting, but the more it stings, the more effective it feels to the heart.  It is traditional for the new believer not to bathe, but to marinate in the glory of repentance for three days.

Does the Chinese branch use soy sauce? Is sodium reduced acceptable?

I don't know, but the Indonesian branch gives you a choice: satay sauce, or, for the true ascetics, sambal oelek.

Everything tastes better with sambal oelek. Paella, chicken sandwich, anything is improved by sambal. I couldn't live without it.

Well, Dutch food is terribly bland.  Except around Christmas.  I don't think you put sambal oelek on banketstaaf while you laugh at the antics of Zwarte Piet, do you?
Prayer Forum / Re: Memory eternal for Father Gordon Walker, July 23, 2015
« Last post by biro on Today at 06:02:14 PM »
Memory eternal.
Other Topics / Re: Last thing you ate
« Last post by biro on Today at 06:01:52 PM »
Haven't heard of any. I think domestic cats are too small to produce the amount of milk people get from cows. It wouldn't be worth the time to milk cats.
Prayer Forum / Memory eternal for Father Gordon Walker, July 23, 2015
« Last post by Maria on Today at 06:00:56 PM »
See article in Christian News.

May his memory be eternal.

May his memory be eternal.


With his gentle smile and soft Alabama drawl, [Fr. Gordon] Walker -- who died on July 23 -- was a key figure in an unusual American story. The former Southern Baptist pastor and Campus Crusade evangelist was part of a circle of evangelical leaders that spent a decade reading church history before starting an Orthodox church for American converts. Then in 1987, the late Metropolitan Philip Saliba accepted more than 2,000 pastors and members of their Evangelical Orthodox Church into the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America.
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