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Prayer Forum / Re: Pray for Germany & the peace of Europe
« Last post by JTLoganville on Today at 04:14:15 PM »
Herr, erbarme dich.

(Lord, have mercy)
Other Topics / Re: OCnet Quotable Quotes
« Last post by Mor Ephrem on Today at 03:31:27 PM »
...this isn't Orthodox teaching, please remember this is
Reviews / Re: New book on HAH Bartholomew
« Last post by Velsigne on Today at 02:56:22 PM »
well that certainly seems to put Orthodox book forwards written by certain famous Orthodox convert actors into perspective
Reviews / Re: New book on HAH Bartholomew
« Last post by RaphaCam on Today at 02:52:31 PM »
LOL, good one.

However, sure that the line "Bartholomew" won't make anyone blow a gasket?  ::)
Other Topics / Re: Orthodoxy in art
« Last post by Dominika on Today at 02:46:26 PM »
By Romanian artist Paul Mecet:
Arsenie Papacioc


Teofil Părăian


Iustin Parvu

Ioanichie Bălan
So do you think it's okay for a Christian to believe anything he wants about the Eucharist for example?  Or anything concerning sexual morality?  Or anything concerning the clergy?  Or do you believe there is one truth about them?

Have you even read the context where Metropolitan Kallistos makes that statement, or do you simply take things out of context and interpret them as you please?

I do not have to imagine the other true Churches saying the same to you, because I already have heard it from them too. They say similar reasons why our church is wrong, and why theirs is right, Jesus asked us to love them, because what profit is their in only loving those who you see as righteous.
And what does it mean to love? Love is currently very ambiguous, but it's proper meaning is to "will the good of the other." If we love people of other faiths (which we obviously should and are commanded to), we should desire they come to Orthodoxy, which is the true faith.

They are saying you are wrong, and then state their case, I choose to refrain, while remaining a Greek Orthodox Christian who loves Protestants and Catholics, much the same as Jesus did not reject his brethren in the Judaism religion because they were wrongly led to hate Him for similar reasons, of hate and prejudice blinding their love for God.
You're setting up a false dichotomy. You can be orthodox and love protestants and RCs (in fact, you SHOULD love protestants and RCs). However, loving them, or all members of an ecclesial body, does not mean you have to accept their religion as true. Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy cannot both be true, as they teach contradictory dogmatic things. Same for protestantism is or any other faith.

And so nothing will change, so it was with Jesus and his own church, which rejected him, but he did not reject them, or did he not die for them too?

They can be the right one too, unless you are God.

With all due respect, this isn't Orthodox teaching, please remember this is
Non-Religious Topics / Re: Fraternal Organzations
« Last post by Dominika on Today at 02:33:47 PM »
Bishop of Chios Mark (Ecumenical Patriarchate) said that members of Rotary club aren't allowed to be godparents; Church of Greece has also many suspicions regarding this organisation; it claims that Christian identity should be enough for believers.
Religious Topics / Re: Abbot Tryphon on racism and ethnic division.
« Last post by Cognomen on Today at 02:29:01 PM »
I'll probably regret posting this, but is it necessary for Abbot Tryphon to wade into the waters of science/genetics when reminding us of what is otherwise a very Christian (albeit not exclusively so) perspective?

In other words, isn't it enough to say that we are all created in His image and likeness and that racism has no place in the Christian life, without furthermore appealing to genetics and proclaiming the lack of racial distinctions?
Other Topics / Re: Random Postings
« Last post by RaphaCam on Today at 02:17:56 PM »
Oh no!  The dried apricots I'm eating come from Turkey!  Am I going to hell?

If you eat something from Serbia it should even out.
Or if you eat a Turk.

I'm not a cannibal.
That's what they all say.  :police:

Only Brazilian jungle people eat each other, you know that.
Lies, we don't eat each other! Only gringos and immigrants.
Reviews / Re: New book on HAH Bartholomew
« Last post by hecma925 on Today at 01:57:58 PM »
 :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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