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Title: Priest betrays flock
Post by: liftedheart on May 15, 2005, 04:10:50 PM
 Dear Group:
> Bishop Nicholai (OCA) and Bishop Kyrill (ROCOR) have both published
> letters in numberous forums in regards to Father Ken Bracey.  The
> response from the readership has been negative, to say the least. 
> Questions:
> Why didn't OCA notify ROCOR when OCA released Father Bracey? 
> Why doesn't the readership read back to these letters?
> If they do, why does the readership consider these to be baseless
> rumors?
> How much 'proof' do they need?
> Christ is Risen
> June
Title: Ugly Situation
Post by: liftedheart on May 15, 2005, 04:31:10 PM
Fr. Bracey was also applying for clerical status in other Churches, partcularly one outside the Orthodox family of Churches, The American Anglican Church. I have received correspondence from Fr. William Bowers,  a priest of that Church, indicating that Fr. Bracey had applied to them and that his request was refused on grounds of moral turpitude
One has to question not only the intent manifested by his actions, but also his commitment to the Orthodox Faith.

Title: Priest betrays flock
Post by: liftedheart on May 16, 2005, 04:33:34 PM
When Fr. Kenneth first made the jump to ROCOR from the OCA, it was alleged on the Orthodox Forum that he had been ordained as a deacon by the French group before his OCA ordinations.  Fr. Allyne Smith, who was then and still is with the French group, responded to the post and defended Fr. Kenneth.  But he **did not** deny that Fr. Kenneth had been a deacon in his jurisdiction. (I've pasted the exchange below, but you can verify this by logging on to the Forum, going to messages, and plugging in the message numbers one at a time.)
I have been told that Fr. Kenneth was ordained a deacon in the French group by a Bishop Gabriel Loynes.  Bishop Gabriel was at one time a ROCOR priest, but after departing ROCOR purportedly became a bishop in the French group.  We also heard that Bishop Gabriel was Fr. Allyne's bishop.  (Some of Bishop Gabriel's other associates are on the Pokrov website.)
Also, in an April 25, 2000 article in the Kodiak Daily Mirror ("Old Harbor gets new priest," by Mike Rostad), it was reported that Fr. Kenneth had been a priest for **four** years.  Since he was ordained by the OCA in January (deacon) and February (priest) of 2000, this was puzzling.  Perhaps the reporter made a big mistake, but it's also possible that Fr. Kenneth was counting back to a previous ordination.
At present, I don't know any way to ascertain the truth about Fr. Kenneth's prior relationship with the French church.  However, I thought I'd give you some additional information from my files.  I hope it helps.

PS Perhaps you'll notice that some of Fr. Allyne's comments in 2000 are similar to what you've been hearing recently?  Predators are, unfortunately, protected by this "code of silence."
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Pat posted::
<<Anchorage Daily News
New priest: A new priest was named for St. James the Just Russian Orthodox Church at a Dec. 27 celebration at the Jewel Lake church. Father Kenneth Bracy was announced as the new pastor, .....>>

Fr. Ken? I thought he was the OCA priest Three Saints Church in Old Harbor. If memory serves me, he was Anglican (seminary training, but not ordained), attended St. Tikhon's seminary for a while (didn't graduate), was ordained a deacon by the French Orthodox, and somehow convinced Archbishop Herman of the OCA to ordain him a priest. Now he's a ROCOR priest? When was he canonically released from the OCA?


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From: "Allyne" <allynegg@...>
Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002  7:40 pm
Subject: Re: [Orthodox-Forum] New priest was named........


I think that that Mr Samsonoff's opinion below, i.e., that Father Kenneth "somehow convinced
Archbishop Herman of the OCA to ordain him a priest" is inaccurate, misleading, and uncharitable. Since Fr Kenneth is not a member of this List, I suppose such a personal slur doesn't violate the List rule number 1 ("Respect towards all contributors is required"), but I would say that it does violate rule number 2 ("Polemics are not allowed").

I don't think that the OCA and ROCOR are in the habit of issuing releases for the clergy to go from one to the other.

Father Allyne Smith


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From: "Allyne" <allynegg@...>
Date: Tue Jan 8, 2002  9:19 am
Subject: Re: [Orthodox-Forum] Re: New priest was named........


What is the meaning of the rule against engaging in "polemic" if that does not include making remarks to incite controversy?

In the previous post, Mr Samsonoff managed to slur a priest and an archbishop (implying that the priest was "somehow able to convince: the archbishop to ordain him." I understand that ordinations are cleared by Syosset, and I know that Fr Kenneth's was. He also managed a snide dig against ROCOR with the remark about a canonical release, knowing that the OCA and ROCOR don't do this with one another.

As for his question, "When does one's opinion become polemics?", I would say that the __expression of one's opinion becomes polemical when one makes the kind of cracks about others that Mr Samsonoff did in his post. Forget for a moment the usual protestations about how one shouldn't speak about a cleric, especially a bishop, in such a way. Just consider what both our Lord, St Paul, and St James had to say in the New Testament about how we are to speak about others. What in that post was edifying? In what way was the Kingdom of God advanced by cracks about the integrity of a priest and an archbishop, or in reviving a long-standing jurisdictional dispute?

I subscribe to this List because I am interested in information and discussion that is helpful to my life as an Orthodox Christian. I don't subscribe to hear anyone else's personal opinions about other priests or bishops or jurisdictions. Does Mr Samsonoff seriously mean to say that my asking that attacks against persons and jurisdictions not be engaged in is itself polemics? I do my best to ignore the personal polemics, but this time I happen to know some of the people involved and know that his characterization of them was misleading (at best). Having said that, I won't say anything more about it.

Fr Allyne Smith




Title: Re: Priest betrays flock
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havent you posted enough of these?
Title: Re: Priest betrays flock
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What is the point of this thread?
Title: Re: Question
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You're writing as if we're supposed to know who this priest is. Should we? How do you expect members of this forum to have insight into the workings of the administrations of the various jurisdictions?  Most importantly, what is the point of this post?
Title: Re: Priest betrays flock
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Please stop making new threads! You should have got the hint when I combined the first two threads yesterday!