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Title: Holy St. Philopateer Mercurios
Post by: SetFree on May 10, 2005, 10:41:46 AM
I was listening to a CD by the St. Philopateer Coptic Orthodox Youth Choir, and His Grace Anba Youssef was giving an introduction and mentioned St. Philopateer Mercurios.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me about this saint or lead me to the Synaxarion reading about him???  Thanks for the help.

Doxa Patri kai Eiyou kai Agio Pneumati,
Adrian Davila
Title: Re: Holy St. Philopateer Mercurios
Post by: coptic orthodox boy on May 10, 2005, 08:21:43 PM
I hope I got the right saint.  From Coptic Orthodox Book of Saints Part 2, copmiled and written by Samir Kirolos.  Pgs. 58-61.  SetFree, I'm not going to proof read it, so forgive typos.  Also, the complete story will be a few posts.

Philopatyr was born in 224 AD in the city of Eskentos in Cappadocia (Eastern Asia Minor).  The word Philopatyr is a Greek word means, "Father of Love" (Patyr=father, Philo= love).  His family used to live on hunting wild animals.  One day his father Yares, along with his grandfather, was hunting in the forest when they were attacked by a wild beast.  The animal jumped on the grandfather, and devoured him.  Yares was so scared and helpless that he fainted.  While he was unconscious, he had a vison: he saw a brilliant light and heard a voice saying, "Yares, I am your God who loves you.  I know that you have a good heart and that you hate the pagan idols.  I want you to know that your son Phiopatyr will brecome like a tree bearding good fruties, and because of him, I will bless you and your wife.  Your song Philopatyr will be my witness and will dfy all prejudice in my name."  Shortly after, Yares, his wife and his son were baptized and they were given new names.  Yares became Noah, his wife became Saphina and Philopatyr became Marcorius.  The news of their batism sread quickly in the city and the prince ordered them to be arrested and thrown to the wild animals. But the Lord, who shut the mouths of the lions at the time of Daniel, temed the wild animals and they did not harm them.  The prince and his soldiers were astonished and decided to released Yares and his family
Title: Re: Holy St. Philopateer Mercurios
Post by: coptic orthodox boy on May 10, 2005, 08:32:14 PM
When the Berbers attacked Eskentos, Noah wnet to fight them.  He was taken prisoner and was brought to their foreighn country, where he served them for seventeen months.  When he was finally relased, he went back to his city and joined his family, bue he died shortly after.  After the death of Noah, the pagan king Dicius chose Marcorius to replace his father.  He led the army against the Berbers.  After several days of fighting, the archangel Michael appered to Marcorius holding a shining sword.  He said, "Marcorius, servant of Jesus Chrsit, dont' be aftarid.  Take this sword from my hand and fight the Berbers with it.  Don't forget your God whnen you come back victoriously.  I am Michael the Archangel, whom God sent to inform you that you should suffer for the Lord's name, but I shall be with you and support you until you complete your testimony.  The name of our Lord Jesus Chrsit will be glorified in you."  The saint tood the sword from the Archangel.  He went to fight the Berbers with two swords (that is why he is called Abu Sifein).  He conquered them as he felt divine strentght fill his heart.  When Dicius heard the news about the triumphant victory, he was very pleased that he appointed Marcorius prince and gave him many honourable medals.  In 249 AD Dicius blasphemed against Christ and started persecuting the Christians.  He issued a decree compelling everyone to offer sacrifices to his pagan gods.  The Archangel Michael appeared to Marcorius once more and told him to remember his Lord and not to be scared of the persecutions.   The saint was very happy with the encouragement he received from the Lord, and spend the whole night praying fervently, and confessing his weakness to God.  The next morning, the king sent some messengers to summon Marcorius to the palace, but he excused himself, saying that he was tired.  The day after, the king sent for Marcorius again.  He told him, "Dear Marcorius, let's go offer incense to the gods who helped us attain victory in the war."  Being kind, Marcorius didn't say anything but as they were going, he slipped throught the crowd and went away.  However, one of the king's guards reported his absence, and the king called Marcorius and aksed him, "Is it true that you refused to worship the idols who helped us during the war?"  Marcorius answered with courage, 'YOUr Majesty, the victory was not due to dumb idols made by human hands.  It was accomplished by the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who snet His Archangel to give me a sword and strenghtened me.  I cannot deny my God and worship statues."
Title: Re: Holy St. Philopateer Mercurios
Post by: coptic orthodox boy on May 10, 2005, 08:41:46 PM
...(arms starting to burn) continued...
The king was mad, but held himself back, because he didn't want to lose a corageous hero like Marcorius.  He tried to persuade him by promising him a higher position, and large sums of moiney, but to no avail.  So he stripped him from all his medals and ranks.  In all that , Marcorius' faith was unshaken.  Then the king oredered him to be thrown into jail.  That did not stop the saint from parying and singing hymns in prison.  Druing the night, Miichale the Archangel appeared to him and told him, "Don't be afraid of the tortures.  Confess your faith in Jesus publicly because he's the only One able to save you."  The next morning, the king called Marcorius and tried again to convince him to give up his faith.  WHen he refuesed, the king decided to start the troturing.  The soldiers hung the siant between the poles, higher than the ground so that they could hit him with sharp nails.  They tried also to cut his body with shart blades and bunt it, but with hte Lord's grace, marcorius was able to endure all these tortures in silence.  Back in jail, the Archangel appeared and touched Marcorius' body with his heavenly wings and healed him instantly.  The next day, when the king saw that the saint was in perfect health, he attributed it to witchcraft.  Marcorius told him that it was Jesus who is the true healer of the soul and the body.  Nevertheless, after Decius tried so many tortures without any success, he decided to have him beheaded.  Marcorius lifted up his arms and prayed fervently, asking the Lord to accept him in paradise.  Then, all of a sudden, the Lord Himself appeared in a glorified vision, surrounded by many angels.  Jesus said, "My chosen son, Marcorius, come to your eternal rest with the saints.  YOur prayers have rised to me like the aroma of good smelling incense.  Miracles will be performed in any church bearing your name. And I will save thouse who ask Me through your intercession.  Whoever writes or reads your biography will have their names wirtten in the Book of Life."
Title: Re: Holy St. Philopateer Mercurios
Post by: coptic orthodox boy on May 10, 2005, 08:48:50 PM
... (last post, arms are crying :'() continued...
Then, after the Lord had blessed him, Marcorisu was so happy he ran to his executioners, and begged them to carry out the king's order immediately.  He knelt down and said, "Lord, do not count this sin against them,"  Marcorius was martyred on the 4th of December in the year  250 AD.  He was only 25 years old.  After the end of the first persectuon, God wanted to reveal the place of the saint's burial.  Marcorius appeared to a poor man in the city, and told him that he was Marcorius the martyr of teh Lord. " My body is buried in Cappadocia Gardens, under the old house on the way to the royal palace.  My body looks as white assnow, because Jesus was presnet at the time of my martydom," said the saint.  The next morning, the man wnet to dig under the old house.  Then he smelled perfume, and at the same time he saw the body of the saint.  The news spread quickly and many people ame to take a look at the blessed body.  They moved it to the village's church until they built a new church bearing his name, and Marcorius body was transferred ther with respect and devotion.  A few years later, the Armenian patriarch visited Egypt and met with the Egyptian patriarch.  The latter asked him if Egypt could have part of the relics of Saint Marcorius to be placed in the church that bears his name in old Cairo.  On the ninth of Paoni (June 16) part of the blessed body was offered to Egypt.  May the prayer and the blessing of this great martyr and saint Philopatyr Marcorius Abu Sifein be withus all.  Amen.
Title: Re: Holy St. Philopateer Mercurios
Post by: SetFree on May 10, 2005, 10:48:23 PM
Thank you so much, Coptic Orthodox Boy.  There was a song on the CD, which I think is a Troparion to St. Philopateer Mercurios, but it is in Arabic, and I am only now learning that language.  What an amazing story!!!  Thanks for taking the time and the pain to type it out for me.  I just recently heard the story of St. Demyana and the Forty Virgin Martyrs.  It was moving and her Monastery is said to be a blessed place where many miracles of healing occur.
Title: Re: Holy St. Philopateer Mercurios
Post by: Coptic on May 11, 2005, 02:46:32 AM
A quick personal story here about St. Mercurious...

My mother pasted away on the same day as the martyrdom of St. Mercurious. I guess after her passing my sister was cleaning out her purse, and in it she found several pictures of St. Mercurious, which of course we had no recollection of her having these pictures, or even knowing about him.

God Bless,
Title: Re: Holy St. Philopateer Mercurios
Post by: EkhristosAnesti on May 11, 2005, 03:06:47 AM
I was blessed to visit the Covenant Monastery for nuns of St Phliopater Mercurius (Abu Sefein - The bearer of the two swords) during my visit to Egypt. This monastery is not only well known for the presence of this great departed Saint, but also the presence a living Saint (though technically speaking all the saints are living ofcourse) Mother Irini, which im sure many Copts have heard of.

I purchased this Saints book from the gift store of the Covenant and am willing to type out any of the relevant sections that anyone would like me to type out:

A) The Saint’s Origin

1)   Saints Origin
2)   The Valiant Fighter
3)   Decree of Persecution
4)   Declaration of War
5)   Promotion of the Great Commander
6)   Fervent Prayer
7)   Denouncement and Jealousy

B) The Saint’s Trial

8)   Testimony and Courage
9)   Emperor’s Fury
10)   Promise and Threat
11)   The Saint’s Tortures
12)   In Prison
13)   Sentence of Death

C) Death of Julian the Apostate

14)    Julian’s Origin
15)    Julian’s Rise to the Throne
16)    Historical Visions of Julian’s Death

D) Veneration of St Mercurius

17)      Veneration of St Mercurius
18)      The Relics of the Martyr
19)      Feasts of St Mercurius
20)      Icons of St Mercurius


(P.S. Don’t worry about length, don’t deprive me of the same blessings coptic orthodox boy gained by going through pains to write out this great Saints story)

Title: Re: Holy St. Philopateer Mercurios
Post by: Jo2444 on July 14, 2009, 10:40:49 PM
Hey! I also purchased that exact same book from that monastery (along with a book of his miracles).

My uncle told me an interesting story of how he was going through surgery and noticed a doctor outside his room that 'looked' like Abu Sefein from his icon, and said to himself how the horse would appear, when he then notices the doctor talking to a nurse or someone who looked rather horse-like.   :laugh: