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Title: Just wanted to share
Post by: aurelia on February 08, 2005, 10:39:35 AM
As you know i am studying with my Fr for my crismation.  Yesterday I took  my two girls with (he'd said to bring them sometime) and so he used the time to talk to the girls and get to know them and show them a few things.  They even got to see the altar cloth, which was very moving/interesting to me as well as the Chalice and the plate and such...  and we discussed the various icons etc.  The purpose, of course to talk about baptism and what it is etc (they havent been baptised yet).  He had my 6 yr old convinced he has to stuff her in the font, LOL!

anyway, i just was amazed at how much my girls knew or were able to figure out on their own with just a little drawing out by Fr...and they have never been to church except here either!  There really isn't a point i guess except to be amazed at the perception of little ones...like they almost instinctively know, if that makes sense.
Title: Re: Just wanted to share
Post by: jmbejdl on February 08, 2005, 11:16:56 AM

I'm constantly amazed by how much my son (he's two and a half now) seems to know without being told. I took him to Putna monastery in Romania where the relics of his patron saint are and was about to pray before the tomb myself when he went down by himself and kissed the icon. You might think, 'Oh but he's just seen that in church'. That's what my wife and in-laws said, but they weren't with me and he was only just 1 year old! It was truly uncanny. That was the first time he'd ever spontaneously kissed an icon by himself and he picked the one that just happened to be of his patron saint specifically (and they certainly aren't short on icons). It might make me seem a little strange, but I truly believe he knew - little children somehow just seem so much closer to God than us adults. It's somehow effortless for them.
I wish you all the best for your Chrismation, it really is a special time, and I wish your children all the best for their baptisms also.

Title: Re: Just wanted to share
Post by: MsGuided on February 08, 2005, 11:21:15 AM
God put a great deal of wisdom in the innocence of kids! "Let the little children come to me." Glad to see they're going!
Title: Re: Just wanted to share
Post by: cizinec on February 10, 2005, 02:51:38 PM
Aurelia, that's great!

We say our daily prayers as a family. My four-year-old son is the only one to add an extemporaneous prayer. I know that's not really traditional, but he likes to do it.

Last night at dinner, between "The poor shall eat" and "Bless the food" my son said, ". . . and thank you for the whole world."

Even though that is in our liturgies and prayers in different ways and at different places, I hadn't thought about it for a while. So I stopped and said it too.