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Title: Consecration of an Orthodox Bishop
Post by: podkarpatska on November 26, 2012, 09:36:15 AM
"The Consecration (Ordination) of an Orthodox Bishop is the process during which a candidate for the Episcopate receives the fullness of the grace of the Priesthood through the Sacred Mystery of Ordination by the laying of hands (in the Greek: Cheirotonia) in succession from the Holy Apostles. The office of Bishop is the highest clerical rank in the Orthodox Church. While some Bishops may receive titles such as Patriarch, Metropolitan, or Archbishop, all Bishops are equal and the titles are administrative ranks and marks of dignity and honor. At his Consecration, a Bishop receives grace not only to perform the Sacred Mysteries but also to bestow the grace of Ordination on others."  http://www.acrod.org/readingroom/spirituallife/episcopal-consecration

Thanks to Father Peter and the other webhosts at ACROD.org for this informative article about the episcopacy and the consecration of an Orthodox Bishop. The first link is to the article and the second is a link to the actual consecration ceremony with annotations. His Grace, Bishop-elect Gregory (Tatsis) is being consecrated and enthroned tomorrow at Christ the Savior Cathedral in Johnstown, PA. The third link is to the online streaming of the Liturgy and ceremony. Axios!

Article: http://www.acrod.org/readingroom/spirituallife/episcopal-consecration

Service Booklet:  http://www.acrod.org/assets/files/PDFS/Bishop/BpGregory.pdf

Video Streaming: http://www.acrod.org/news/releases/consecration-on-line