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Title: MP Address At Forieth Day Memorial
Post by: Orthodoc on October 17, 2004, 08:15:05 PM
2004.10.12 Sedmitza:

His Holiness the Patriarch's address on the occasion of the fortieth day
of the Beslan tragedy

Beloved brothers and sisters!

Forty days have passed since the day that the terrorists who had seized the
school in the town of Beslan, started killing innocent people: women and
children, teachers and pupils, people who had already lived a long life and
those who had just started living - the peaceful citizens of the Republic
of North Ossetia (Alania).

The cruelty of the evil and hatred-filled bandits shocked the world. The
tragedy of Beslan became the sorrow of the whole of Russia, left its trace
in the soul of every Russian citizen. The families and friends of the
victims received the hardest trial of all. Their grief is inconsolable. And
only the human compassion, sympathy and prayers can help them, give them
strength to overcome the pain of their loss, to live on.

The Russian Orthodox Church grieves the victims of the terrorist act and
expresses its deepest sympathy and spiritual support to those who have lost
their loved ones, to all the citizens of Beslan and North Ossetia.

And on this fortieth day, established by the Church to be the day of
special remembrance, let us pray ardently for their souls to be rested in
the heavenly dwellings, "where there is no sickness, nor sadness, nor
sighs, but life everlasting". May the gracious Lord help us all to endure
the terrible consequences of the Beslan tragedy with Christian dignity, and
may He give memory eternal to the innocently slaughtered.