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Title: Advice re: To get my life back on track.
Post by: HabteSelassie on January 20, 2012, 02:36:13 PM
The following advice posts are in response to the Prayer request in the following thread:

For everyone's reference, parallel advice threads should be started in these cases rather than posting advice in the Prayer threads.

- Fr. George, Global Mod

Greetings in that Divine and Most Precious Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

In the Ethiopian Tradition, priests aren't ordained until after their 30th birthday, this gives them time to sort out and experience where in life God is calling them. We have married priests, but they can only get married BEFORE ordination, once ordained they are monastics if not already married. Marriage is as sacred a vocational calling as Ordination, they compliment each other this way.  Ordination sanctifies the entire Church and is the source of Grace entering our lives like the Saints.  Marriage sanctifies our families towards procreation and perpetuation of the cycles of the human family.  There could be no marriages without ordained priests, there could be no ordained priests without marriages to give birth to them.  So both are equally honorable callings.

If you are only 24, you have a few years yet to let God make the decision, but remember, God calls us to marriage or to priesthood, we do not call ourselves rather we react to His calling.  So just wait it out, go with the flow, see where God takes you, being open to all options since at this point you seem to have no preference.

stay blessed,
habte selassie
Title: Advice re: To get my life back on track.
Post by: Maximum Bob on January 22, 2012, 12:54:22 AM
 :o Wow sounds like the foreign adoptions we did except they took blood too.  :) Good luck and may God bless you in this process.