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Title: Vanity and Pride
Post by: Asteriktos on July 26, 2011, 09:46:40 PM
With regards to physical appearance, at what point do the lines of vanity and pride get crossed? How do you know when you are crossing these lines? How does this all relate to something that is normal and natural: the attraction between people? Is it vain or prideful if you focus on appearance for the benefit (or desire) or another? Does your relationship with that other person matter (e.g. is it ok if it's a spouse, but maybe not in other cases)?
Title: Re: Vanity and Pride
Post by: orthonorm on July 27, 2011, 01:40:57 AM
When you start wondering when you cross the line in regard to vanity or pride. //:=)

I hear what you are saying.

All I can say is that the less the better from a sheer psychological standpoint.

Then again not everyone has an Olympian Build and more locks than a Manhattan bagel shop.

EDIT: That last comment, by the way, was about me, in case you missed it.