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Title: Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Stavro on February 22, 2004, 10:11:22 PM
Dear Oriental Orthodox,
according to the Coptic calendar, today is the commemoration of the departure of the blessed Saint Severus of Antioch. May his blessing be with us all and Glory to God forever and ever .Amen.
Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: TomS on February 22, 2004, 10:35:56 PM
St. Severus pray for me!
Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Anastasios on February 24, 2004, 11:58:19 AM
Dear Forum Members,

I don't know the intent of posting this--honest good will, an attempt to counter the former "St Leo pray for us!" thread, or what.  And I do note that it was addressed, "dear Oriental Orthodox..."

However, I am troubled by it for the following reason: I have been rather forceful on Linus7 and others NOT to offend Oriental Orthodox.  Yet we must extend to him and other Eastern Orthodox a similar courtesy.  While for the millionth time I am going to say that OCnet is just a plain jane Orthodox site, I am going to step in here and ask the following.

I like knowing what Oriental Orthodox saints are celebrated and I think for instance a posting of St Nerses Shnorhali or St Pope Kyrillos VI would be just fine.  But to intentionally post St Severus (or Dioscorus or if you are a member of the Assyrian Church of the East--"St" Nestorius and St Theodore of Mopsuetia) seems to be pushing it just a little too far.

While I have defended Oriental Orthodox every single time that they have been offended, most of the members of this board are Eastern Orthodox and without trying to come down on such postings, I have to ask that you just respect my personal request.  Mor Ephrem, our OO board administrator, is without computer right now but as soon as he returns I will take this up with him:

Please restrict posting things glorifying St Severus and St Dioscoros if you are Oriental Orthodox; please restrict posting things about "St" Nestorius* and St Thedore of Mopsuestia if you are Assyrian, Roman Catholics: if you were thinking of it, please don't post anything about St Joseph the of Polotsk, and Eastern Orthodox, please do not use St Leo or St Justinian's piety as saints to bash our Oriental Orthodox friends.

This is a gentlemanly request and I expect you all to post based on charity (as I try to do but sometimes I fail).  I really can't forge out any more consistent a policy as this.  My goal is to facilitate discussion with as little offense as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Anastasios on February 24, 2004, 11:59:22 AM
*Even though Assyrians venerate Nestorius, I have to draw the line at calling *him* a Saint because well everyone has a breaking point!
Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Stavro on February 24, 2004, 06:42:25 PM
Dear Anastasius,
we appreciate your fairness and you showed it many times and we can see that you have good intentions. Thank you again.
This post is not to counter the Leo post. It happens that St.Severus is a saint in the OO tradition and his commemoration was on Sunday. I don't understand why it should cause all that sensitivity or to draw unnecessary comparison with Nestorius.
You are the admin and I am not trying to suggest to you how to run the site, because you are doing a great job, but the thread was intended to make the members of this board know OO saints more. SOme saints are common between both.
I was reluctant to start it on Sunday because it coincided with the feast of St.Severus, but I was never shy to uphold my faith and I was never ashamed of my saints and I would consider it hypocritical if I don't mention one of my church Fathers to appease others.

However, if mentioning the feasts of St.Severus or St.Dioscorous is so offensive to EO, delete the post or take any actions you see necessary. After all, it is not the intention to be offensive to you guys, nor to embark on a theologian dicussion.

God bless you.
Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Stavro on February 24, 2004, 06:49:07 PM
Today is the commemoration for the Departure of St. Elizabeth, the Mother of St. John the Baptist.

Her intercession be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.
Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: TomS on February 24, 2004, 07:39:54 PM
Yep. Linus informed me after I posted my message (I just assumed that if this was posted here that he was a saint!)

Oh well, see there IS one born every minute!
Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Stavro on February 25, 2004, 04:52:22 PM
The Martyrdom of St. Mina (Menas), the Monk.

On this day St. Mina the monk was martyred. This saint was born in Akhmim to Christian parents who were farmers. Since his youth, his heart was inclined to renounce the world, so he became a monk in one of the monasteries of Akhmim.

For a period of time, he fasted two days at a time and he was ascetic in his food and drink. Then he went to El-Ashmounein and dwelt in a monastery there for 16 years without leaving it.

When the Arabs ruled the country, St. Mina heard that they denied that God had a Son from His nature and essence, and equal with Him in Eternity. This denial of faith was painful to the saint, so he took permission from the abbot of the monastery and went to El-Ashmounein.

He came before the commander of the Arab camp and asked him, "Is it true that you say that God has no Son from His nature and essence?" The commander replied saying, "We deny that saying about God and totally reject it." The saint told the Arab commander that it should only be rejected if His Son was born through parental procreation, but our belief is that the Lord Christ is God of God, and Light of Light. The commander replied, "In our faith, this is blasphemy." The saint told him that the Bible says, "He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe in the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides in him." (John 3:36)

The commander became enraged at this and ordered his soldiers to cut the saint into pieces and to throw him into the sea. The believers gathered the pieces of his body, shrouded and buried it. They arranged a commemoration of St. Mina the monk on this day.

His prayers be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.

Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Anastasios on February 26, 2004, 11:06:57 AM
While the "other board" deals with saint commemorations, I think I will stick this thread in Non-Chalcedonian discussion because that way it will fit more neatly in its context.

I thank you Stavro for posting these lives of saints.  This is the direction I hoped the thread would take.

Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Stavro on February 26, 2004, 07:27:27 PM
18th of the Coptic Month Amshir :

1. The Departure of St. Malatius the Confessor, Patriarch of Antioch.

On this day of the year 381 A.D., St. Malatius (Miltius) the Confessor, Patriarch of Antioch, departed.  In the year 360 A.D., he was chosen a patriarch for Antioch during the days of Constantius, the son of Constantine the Great.

He was an eminent, learned and meek man, who was loved by everyone. When he entered the city of Antioch, he resisted the Arians and kept them away from the churches. When the Emperor heard that, he exiled him in the same year that he was enthroned patriarch. The noble men of the city of Antioch, the bishops and the priests met and wrote to the Emperor asking for the return of the Patriarch.  

When St. Malatius came back in the year 362 A.D., he did not cease resisting the Arians, excommunicating them and all those who believed in their doctrines. He made clear to them their errors and explained to them their blasphemy. He declared, preached and confirmed that the Son was of the same essence as the Father, consubstantial with Him in essence and in Godship. The followers of Arius returned to slander St. Malatius before Emperor Valens, who exiled him again to a country further away than the one to which he was exiled first. When he arrived to his exile, the bishops and the fathers that were exiled from different countries came and gathered around and stayed with him.

St. Malatius did not slack in teaching and interpreting what was difficult to understand in the Holy Scriptures. His epistles reached his flock, in spite of the distance, confirming their faith in the Holy Trinity, preaching the faith of the Council of Nicea and refuting the teachings of Arius.

He was in exile for many years until his return to Antioch in the year 378 A.D. He was present in the Council of Constantinople in the year 381 A.D. Then he departed in peace.

St. John Chrysostom (Golden Mouthed) praised St. Malatius on his feast day declaring his greatness and that he was not in any less stature than the apostles in honor for what he suffered from exile and humiliation for the sake of the Orthodox faith.

His prayers be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.

Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Stavro on February 27, 2004, 12:34:49 PM
1. The Departure of St. Peter, 21st Pope of Alexandria.
On this day of the year 370 A.D., the blessed father Abba Peter II, 21st Pope of Alexandria, departed. He was the successor of St. Athanasius the apostolic, who was his teacher. Anba Peter II suffered many tribulations from the followers of Arius who often tried to kill him, but he escaped them.

He was forced to hide for two years, during which the Arians put in his place one of them named Lucius. Nevertheless, the believers were able to remove Lucius, the false pope, and brought back Anba Peter who remained on his chair for 6 years of persecution, during which he resisted the Arians. When he completed 8 years, the Lord relieved him from the toil of this world and he departed to the eternal bliss.

His prayers be with us. Amen.

2. The Commemoration of Sts. Basil, Theodore and Timothy, the Martyrs.
On this day also is the commemoration of Saints Basil, Theodore and Timothy, the martyrs, in the city of Alexandria.

Their prayer be with us and Glory be to our God for ever and ever .Amen
Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Stavro on February 28, 2004, 08:29:35 PM
21st of the blessed Coptic Month of Amshir.

1. The Commemoration of the Virgin St. Mary.
We celebrate on this day the commemoration of the pure Lady St. Mary the Virgin, the Mother of God, the Word, through whom was the salvation of Adam and his offspring.

Her intercession be with us. Amen.

2. The Martyrdom of St. Onesimus, the Disciple of St. Paul.
On this day also St. Onesimus, the disciple of St. Paul, was martyred. This saint was a slave for a man from Rome called Philemon who believed at the hands of St. Paul, when he heard his preaching in Rome.

Philemon departed from Rome on a business trip and took with him Onesimus among others of his servants. There the devil enticed Onesimus, so he stole money from his master and fled to Rome. According to the Divine Will, Onesimus attended the preaching of St. Paul, which he kept in his heart. He believed at the hand of St. Paul and his heart was filled with the grace and the fear of God. He remembered what he stole from his master and from others and since he did not have anything left from the stolen money to return to its rightful owners, he was sorrowful and told St. Paul about that.

St. Paul comforted him and wrote an epistle to Onesimus' master, Philemon, informing him in it, that Onesimus became a follower of Christ saying, "I appeal to you for my son Onesimus, whom I have begotten while in my chains." St. Paul asked him to treat him gently and not to mind what he did but to consider what he lost as owed by the apostle.

When Onesimus took the epistle to his master Philemon, he was pleased by his faith and repentance and treated him as the apostle commanded. Furthermore, he offered him more money but St. Onesimus refused saying, "I am rich with Christ." Then he bid Philemon farewell and returned to Rome.

St. Onesimus continued to serve St. Paul until his martyrdom and deserved to be ordained a priest. After the martyrdom of St. Paul, the governor of Rome seized him and exiled him to one of the islands. He remained there preaching and baptizing the people of the island. When the governor came to the island, he found him guiding the people to the belief in the Lord Christ. He was beaten severely and his legs were broken. He departed in peace.

His prayers be with us. Amen.

3. The Departure of St. Gabriel, 57th Pope of Alexandria.
On this day also of the year 911 A.D., the great father St. Gabriel, 57th Pope of Alexandria, departed. This saint became a monk at a young age, practicing many worships. He loved solitary life and wept much while praying, asking the Lord to save him from the snares of the devil.

When Pope Mikhael, 56th Pope, departed, they chose this father to be the Pope in his place. He was ordained in the year 900 A.D. against his will. He cared for the church affairs well, and the duties of the patriarchate did not prevent him from his worship and asceticism.

He spent most of his days in the wilderness and whenever he had some affairs to take care of in Cairo or Alexandria, he would leave and then return back to the wilderness. He fought against the flesh and the devil by increasing fasting, watching, prayers and humility. He used to wake up in the night, put on a ragged garment, take a metal shovel and go around the bathrooms of the monks' cells, washing and cleaning them. He did the same for many years until the Lord looked upon his humility and humble heart, so He relieved his pains and gave him the grace of victory over sin and the body. This father was a worshipper, fighter and a preacher for 11 years, then he departed in peace.

His prayers be with us. Amen.

4. The Departure of St. Zacharias, Bishop of Sakha.
On this day also St. Zacharias, Bishop of Sakha, departed. He was the son of a scribe called John who left his job and was chosen to be a priest. His son Zacharias was raised on studying literary and religious subjects.

When he grew up, El-Wazeer appointed him as a scribe in his court. Afterward he agreed with a friend called Ptolemy who was the prefect of the town of Sakha, to leave their work and go to the wilderness to become monks. That coincided with the coming of a monk from the monastery of St. John the Short, so they decided to go with him to the monastery. When the ruler (El-Wazeer) knew about that, he prevented them from going to the monastery.

A few days later, they saw a vision as if someone was asking them, "Why did you not fulfill your vow?" Immediately, they left in secret, walking to the wilderness, without knowing their way. They met on their way, by the will of God, a monk who took them to the monastery of St. John the Short (Colobos). When their friends knew about that, they took a letter from the Governor to bring them back, but the Lord defeated their counsel. As for Zacharias and his friend, they put on the garb of the monks and exerted themselves in many worships. That was during the time of the saints Abba Gawargah and Abba Abraham who were the best guides for them.

When the Bishop of Sakha departed, the people wrote to the father, the Patriarch, asking for Zacharias to be their bishop. The Patriarch brought him and ordained him against his will. At the time of the ordination, when the Pope was about to put his hands on Zacharias' head, a light shined in the church and his face appeared as a bright star.

When he arrived to his diocese, the people rejoiced and went out to meet him with great honor. The church was illumined with his teachings. St. Zacharias was eloquent and filled with grace and he wrote many articles, sermons and discourses. He stayed on his chair for 30 years, then departed in peace.

His prayers be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.

We commemorate the Ever-Virgin Saint Mary, The Theotokos, every 21st of any Coptic month.
Title: Re:Oriental Orthodox Saints commemoration
Post by: Stavro on March 09, 2004, 05:26:50 PM
Today is the commemoration of the departure of His Holiness the Late Pope Kyrillos (Cyril) the 6th, the Coptic Orthodox Pope , Patriarch and Archbishop of the See of Alexandria (1959-1971).
This father led a very blessed life, and his Papacy, although short in time, is bearing very holy and blessed fruits till today. Numerous miracles and wonders have been performed by the prayers of this blessed Father, both in his life and after his departure. In his Papacy, the Theotokos blessed Egypt with her apparition in her church in Zeitoun Cairo, in 1968, every night for about a year.  

May his prayers be with us and Glory be to God forever , Amen.