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Title: Mar Dioscoros Welcomes Donation to Build a Student Chapel at Coimbatore
Post by: Elijah on July 19, 2010, 01:28:19 PM
CHENNAI: Dr. Youhanon Mar Dioscoros, Metropolitan of Madras Diocese exhorted all to donate generously to build a student chapel at Coimbatore for the benefit of Orthodox students pursuing their higher education at the Karunya University and there around. Mar Dioscoros’ exhortation came out through an office order.

It is assumed that more than 200 students belonging to the Orthodox Church are studying in and around Karunya University, which is run by a protestant organization. There is no Orthodox Church or chapel in the vicinity too.

“At present only the senior students are in a position to go and attend Holy Qurbana at Churches in Coimbatore city, for the city is almost 40km away. The administration does not allow girl students to go such far distances and so is the case with junior students”, said one of the senior students, who spearhead the campaign.

“The present scenario is that they (the Orthodox students) do not have a proper place to worship together and to conduct our Holy Qurbana on Sundays. These students have come up to us with a strong desire to establish a chapel near to the Karunya campus, with the hope that they all could attend the service regularly”, said Dr. Mar Dioscoros in the office order dated January 10, 2010.

The Metropolitan had contacted local land owners and the expected cost to buy a piece of land will be about 1 lakh of Rupees per cent. The plan is to buy a minimum of 10 cents for the proposed chapel. Total cost of the project is projected to be about 13 lakhs of Rupees.

All well wishers can send their contributions to the account no. 13470100027739, (Federal Bank, Coimbatore) or to the address: Fr. P.J. Mathew (Vice President, OCYM/ MGOCSM Coimbatore region), St.Gregorious Orthodox church, 138 Near Modern Theatre, Yercaud main Road, Salem 636008 (Phone: 91.944.238.2306).

The Metropolitan expects all the Orthodox alumni of Karunya University, their relatives, parents and well wishers to generously contribute to this noble cause.
http://www.orthodoxherald.com/2010/07/17/mar-dioscoros-welcomes-donation-to-build-a-student-chapel-at-coimbatore/ (http://www.orthodoxherald.com/2010/07/17/mar-dioscoros-welcomes-donation-to-build-a-student-chapel-at-coimbatore/)