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Title: My Father
Post by: Ebor on January 29, 2004, 01:07:34 PM
My 78 y.o. father is, as I write, having repair surgery done on a hernia operation that he had 40 years ago (as he said then "21 years in the Army Air Corps and the Air Force and I'm having a navel operation". Da has a quirky sense of humour) and then "popped a stitch" about 15 yrs ago. It's drive-by umm  "out patient" surgery, and Mum is waiting at the surgi-center.

If anyone has a spare moment or two, we'd appreciate it very much.  Many thanks.

Title: Re:My Father
Post by: Jakub on January 29, 2004, 01:26:52 PM
May the Lord guide the surgeon and comfort your father during his healing.

Title: Re:My Father
Post by: the slave on January 29, 2004, 02:39:22 PM
oh - very definitely prayers for him - and you - during the waiting and recuperative period
Title: Re:My Father
Post by: amhalaba on January 29, 2004, 02:44:37 PM
You're Dad sounds like he's a lot of fun, Ebor. Prayers for his speedy recovery.

Title: Re:My Father
Post by: Father Peter on January 30, 2004, 05:22:05 AM
God bless him and grant him a full recovery.
Title: Re:My Father
Post by: Ebor on January 30, 2004, 10:22:08 AM
Thank you, everyone.  Mum called me when he woke up and he said "I'm too groggy to even think of something to say about politics."  I pointed out that he was strong enough to think of the subject.  The surgi-center let him go home in the afternoon and I checked in with my parents before bedtime.  So far, all is well and Da isn't too uncomfortable.  

I'll be checking the next few days.  It's all I can do being 2000+ miles away, but my parents appreciate.

Yes, Amhalaba, my father can be quite the card in a dry humourish way. He loves word play and straight-faced delivery.  (I tend to tell jokes the same way, and many years ago, when I first came to the East Coast, some people I met weren't used to that and thought that telling jokes without telegraphing meant I was a bit thick.  :D)

I really appreciate people's kindness here with Mum's broken arm/surgery and Da's patching.  

Title: Re:My Father
Post by: amhalaba on February 02, 2004, 02:37:47 PM
My crazy Dad was like that, too. Miss him much. One of our priests has that kind of straight faced delivery, and he has this imperious manner... always changes jokes so they sound like something real, out of his life, or the newspaper... leaves a lot of folks scratching their heads.

I've gotten better about being gullible, tho still get taken now and then... he's just one of my favorite people.

I am so glad you're Dad is better. I'm 3000 miles away from my elderly Mom, and brothers and sisters... SO difficult. One of those things I can't shake the regret over... a decision to move so far away made at 24 years of age when I just had no idea what it would mean down the road.

When I pray for my Mom, I'll continue to remember you and your folks, too.

Peace to you, Ebor.