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Title: should I write such a poem
Post by: erracht on October 24, 2003, 08:14:11 AM
I am something of an artist and write poems. I am currently inspired to write a symbolic one about the death in my hometown, Toronto, of a little girl called Holly Jones. She was brutally slain earlier this year and her story touched many people. The thing about this poem is that, while most of my writing is secular, this time around I am inspired to write the poem with religious imagery and overtones. What I want to do can be summarized as follows:

1) I may be partly inspired by the Western Christmas carol "The Holly and the Ivy". This is a song that I like very much, and is I think a fine and optimistic piece of Western religious music. I might use just hints from the song, but I might equally write the poem with an identical metric structure to the carol, which is about Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

2) Not only that, but the poem would start with pagan imagery that is intended to personify evil. I am imagining a mandala (pagan religious symbol or luck charm etc) which is shaped sort of like a swastika (in fact, that may be just what it is - a swastika or pagan "sun cross") but thicker, like a flower of fan blades. I would describe this object as spinning through the city and inspiring people to do evil as it goes. I wish to include this image simply because when I was small, seeing such a shape in some logo or somewhere appeared spooky to me.

3) Later, however, I would describe the slain Holly as going into the arms of the Virgin Mary, who comforts her in Paradise, perhaps with Jesus and other holy ones looking on, and possibly Holly being given angels' wings.

If I ever get around to it, I might even want to paint what I describe in #3.

Do you see anything wrong with what I want to do (to summarize, I want to write a poem in which I use both Christian images (symbolizing good) and a pagan one (symbolizing the evil) and also use as partial inspiration for this very grim poem an optimistic Christian hymn, albeit a Western and thus potentially heretical one).
Title: Re:should I write such a poem
Post by: TomS on October 24, 2003, 08:28:39 AM
Why are you asking people on this board? You think we have a clue on how to live a truly Orthodox Christian life? We are all just making pathetic attempts at it.  :-[

Heck, SOME people on this board actually had the audacity to question the ban on women on Mt. Athos and whether St. Paul wanted to keep women "in their place".  :o

Seriously though. Just pray about it, or ask a priest.

Title: Re:should I write such a poem
Post by: prodromos on October 24, 2003, 08:33:29 AM
We are all just making pathetic attempts at it.  :-[

I resemble that comment >:(
Title: Re:should I write such a poem
Post by: Justinianus on October 24, 2003, 09:55:53 AM
Do not think of Orthodox Christianity as a limitation of your creativity.  The Lord gives many different gifts to people and if we use them with a prayerful heart directed towards God,  the result will be pleasing to God.  the salvation of Jesus Christ frees us from the bondage of sin.   Belivers in Christ become free men, because of our Savior.

I recommend you write your poem after time in prayer.  After it is complete, share it with other Orthodox Christians and ask them to reflect upon it.  discuss their reflections.  Also, asking the guidance of a spiritiual father will be of great aid.  

You can also read the life and works of a saint that had similar gifts you have.  Through their lives you can see the Gospel being lived out through the gifts they were given.
Title: Re:should I write such a poem
Post by: erracht on October 24, 2003, 10:55:52 AM
All right, Justinianus. I'll pray to God for discretion when writing the poem. Then I'll write it and post it. And at an opportune moment (I am having difficulty staying in touch with a priest at present) I will share it with (a)cleric(s).

Your picture does go well with your username.
Title: Re:should I write such a poem
Post by: erracht on October 30, 2003, 07:03:16 AM
Well, after almost a week, | have written the poem. It was not an easy one to write and it is possible that I will revise it in the future. I am reproducing it here, all 52 lines of it, but I must warn all who wish to read it that is is written with the purpose of stirring emotions, and is perhaps not for the faint of heart. Also note that the K in "Etobicoke" is silent.


Our town has fallen victim to a curse
It comes through evil powers from below,
Whose sly mandalas enter and disperse
From Scarborough toward Etobicoke.
But what did little Holly know of this?
Indeed she was a blossom full of glee,
And not suspecting anything amiss,
She strolled out once, as carefree as could be.
As she delighted in the bustling day,
A man of no conviction stood nearby;
He spotted Holly going off to play
And greed took over as she caught his eye.
But peace was reigning as the day progressed;
The air was calm and Holly was at home;
Her mommy held her gently to her chest
And kissed her forehead as they sat alone.
She whispered: "Here are things that you must know:
You'll always be my precious shooting star
My sweetest angel, anywhere you go,
I promise that my love will not be far."
One evening, Holly was to see a friend;
She hugged her mommy as she said good bye,
And as her daughter vanished 'round the bend,
The mother shed a tear and knew not why.
The streets were still and empty at first glance
When Holly was returning on a song;
One tranquil moment, while she looked askance,
A hand closed off her mouth and it was strong.
A growling specter shoved her to the ground
And Holly cried for help; it was in vain;
He showed no mercy as he cruelly frowned
But held her fast, delighting in her pain.
His dark deed done, the predator stood proud
And Holly hovered high above the town.
Through sob-choked tears, she asked herself out loud:
"I'm lost and lonely! Why was I brought down?"
Her angel, flying in from higher yet,
Found Holly fleeing frightened through the skies;
He softly spoke: "My child, don't be upset"
And spread his wings to dry her flooded eyes.
The angel led her to the heights above,
Where Jesus met them with a caring face.
He lifted Holly in His hands with love
And took her to His Mother's warm embrace.
As Mary cradled Holly in her arms,
She whispered: "Dear, don't cry. I'm here for you.
You're in a place where no one hates or harms.
I'll be your comfort - I'm a mother too."
Torontos foremost mourn our stolen soul.
In such a state, our town will not be free,
For curses still extract a heavy toll
And angels weep in Holly's memory.
Title: Re: should I write such a poem
Post by: hecma925 on September 19, 2015, 03:18:50 AM
Well, damn, that was depressing and informative.

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