Author Topic: Can you explain the oil anointing @Russian church after Lazarus Saturday liturgy  (Read 405 times)

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Hi I'm hoping someone can explain a service I encountered at a very ethnic Russian parish I visited one Lazarus Saturday...
After liturgy the faithful gathered in a circle holding lit candles. There of course was chanting and prayers from the priest. And he came around the circle anointing us all on the head with oil... Many times. So many I lost count (and unfortunately had to leave before it ended to make an appointment). Oil was actually dripping off my forehead by the end.
 Does anyone know what this is? I haven't seen this in other jurisdictions
Thanks in advance

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I think it may have been the sacrament of the oil anointment. It's done across various Orthodox (as far I know, including OOs) jurisdictions on: last Friday of the Great Lent (so, the day after Lazarus Saturdayl in thsi case maybe it wasn't possible to do it on this day, so it was moved to the next day), Holy Wednesday evening or Holy Thursday morning. There are a few reasons:
1. A kind of seal of spirtiual and physical recuperation being a conclusion of the Great Lent
2. Preparation for the greatest events of the History of Salvation, starting from the Great Thursday (Mystical Supper), preparation to be buried and resurrected with Christ
3. An addiional way to preparation to the Holy Communion to receive It on Great Thursday and Paschal Night (as everybody should partake on these days)
4. A symbol of the sinful woman that anointed Christ on the Holy Wednesday.

However, this sacrament can be done in any time any persona has serious spiritual or physical problems. Unfortunately, in many parishes it's done only as a kind of tradition of the end of the Great Lent or of the Holy Week.
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In the Western Rite during Chrismation you're anointed with chrism oil as part of the Paschal Liturgy.
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