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The Anaphora of St. Dionysius the Aereopagite
« on: October 19, 2017, 06:51:51 AM »
Note that this thread does not refer to the widely used Syriac Orthodox liturgy of St. Dionysius Bar Salibi, but rather, to two related anaphoras attributed to St. Dionysius the Aeropagite.

Is anyone familiar with this?   One of them looks like a translation of an ancient manuscript; the second looks Syriac Orthodox.  Mor, would you happen to know if, at least the second, of these anaphoras, is one of ours (Syriac Orthodox)?  Here is the link:

The text for this ofher, presumably older, recension, is quite interesting; it seems evocative of St. (Psuedo?) Dionysius, either the Aeropagite himself or, if scholarship is correct, the 6th century chap who wrote a superb corpus of books on mystical theology in his name.  Here it is:

I am suprised I haven't encountered these before, or any mention of them; I chanced upon them while looking up the mystical writings of St. Dionysius for purposes of relaxation.
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