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Vassula Ryden Excommunicated

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--- Quote from: Kreator on March 31, 2007, 11:26:38 AM ---
   Besides the vatican updated its position in 2004.
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Ever since the Vatican released its original Notification in 1995, Vassula and her followers have been lying and saying that the Vatican modified its position.  That is why a little over a year after the original Notification, the Vatican had to release another one refuting the lies and affirming that the 1995 statement was still in effect:

Earlier I linked to this page which contained a statement by an Episcopal Conference affirming that in 2004 the Vatican's position did not change:

The reality is that the Vatican's position is not going to change.  The man who wrote the original Notification is now Pope. 

Vassula and her followers still continue to lie, however.  They are desperate for that endorsement, and if they can't get it honestly, they'll lie about it.  They did the same thing with the Coptic Metropolitan, and one of Vassula's local followers is now lying about my priest.  That's just how they operate.

Think:  Who is the father of lies?  It's not God.

I don't know why they even try. The Vatican tends to be very skeptical of private revelations, for the reason that for every Lourdes there are 1,000 Vassula Rydens. So if they can't get approval, they'll make it up instead.


--- Quote from: Kreator on March 31, 2007, 01:46:37 PM ---  I am not part of any cult
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I know we may sound harsh in some of our posts, but you need to realize that our harshness is not directed toward you personally.  It is, at least in my case, a reflection of the frustration in dealing with a movement which is very deceptive.  We actually care about you, or we wouldn't be warning you away from this woman and her group.

You say you are not part of a cult, but you need to consider the fact that Vassula's group has some of the characteristics of a cult.  For example, Vassula in her messages says that Christ is angry with those who reject her messages and indicates that He may punish them.  See, for example, the messages dated 9/5/88 and 3/8/89.  In the first one, she says when Christ spoke of those who rejected her, he talked angrily and even shouted.  In the latter message, He speaks of possible punishment for those who reject her. 

For your own sake, you need to step back from this and look at it objectively.  The Bible should be enough for us.  We don't need additional revelations.  If you want to supplement your Bible reading with other material, look to the writings of the saints.  Their writings have survived the test of time.  The Greek Church has such a rich treasury of patristic writings!  That is where you should go, instead of a charlatan like Vassula.  Do you have any spiritual father, other than the monk who introduced you to Vassula?  If so, I would talk this over with him and get recommendations for other books to read instead of Vassula.  It can't hurt to try.

I am apt to think that Ryden's Jesus is none other than Maitreya.  The Jesus, I worship is the Lord,the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Anathama to all witches and a false prophets!


   Wait until July....


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