Author Topic: Do Latin bishops in the US have more say in EC affairs than in their own?  (Read 860 times)

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(Note: I was going to post this on the other thread, "Rome to US Eastern Catholics: New Priests Should “Embrace Celibacy”", but it doesn't seem too related to the marriage-and-sanctity discussion that's going on there now, so I'm putting it here instead.)

But, as was asked elsewhere this afternoon, why do the Popes keep appointing Latin-rite Italian cardinals to manage the Congregation for the Oriental Churches?

It is this talking out of both sides of the mouth that is so troubling to us, particularly those of us who try to be open-minded.

Truth be told, any attempt to enforce celibacy in say, Slovakia or better yet, Ukraine, would never be attempted. The rationale used here in the USA could just as well be used in say Slovakia, which is overwhelmingly a Latin-rite Catholic country, regarding celibacy. I suspect that outside of the far eastern counties of that country, the average Roman Catholic is probably as woefully ignorant about the Greek Catholic church as are their counterparts in the USA. It is even more pronounced in the Czech republic, where my cousin is a married Greek Catholic priest with a young family, where the presence of the Eastern Rite really came about following the war with forced relocations and after 1990 as a result of job opportunities. What is the difference? I would argue that it is the willing ignorance of the conservative Latin rite hierarchy in the United States which insists on perpetuating this situation, but that is just my opinion.

In view of the fact that Latin bishops in the US appear have some say in the affairs of ECs in the US, it might be worth asking: do they have as much say in the own affairs?
- Peter Jericho

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That is an INTERESTING question. Clearly it seems as if the EC Bishops are less than equal partners in their relations with the Holy See, but that's just my opinion as someone on the outside looking in.