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Re: Melchizedek
« Reply #90 on: July 20, 2010, 05:02:59 PM »
LOL!  He even stop (sic) giving his salutation after awhile? LOL!

And I suppose it’s better to give a phony, insincere salutation and then spew bile and invective all over the screen like you do?  A hollow “blessed love” means nothing when followed by a venomous ad hominem attack and a ranting post devoid of all spiritual and academic value.

You are really predictable.  I knew you’d be back and that that ego of yours wouldn’t let you rest until you’d had the “last word”…which in your case would probably be a superfluous and inappropriately used “selah”.

Your self-delusion knows no bounds.  Here you are telling Salpy that she agrees with you and what her motives are, and she tells you flat out that you are wrong.  Since you can’t deny that, your next tactic will probably to go back to calling me “insecure”, which simply means you wish I’d stop playing the gadfly and let you carry on with your ranting and raving in peace, as if you really were a “high priest” and we really were “in for a ride” as you wowed us with your Dr. Bronner’s “wisdom”.

So you mentioned something I googled, and that would be the website of the Melchizedek Order/Order of White Light, which you’ve claimed to be a part of again and again, even claiming that, “If you do your history you will clearly see that the Melchizedek Order(also Brotherhood of the White Light) holds all the secrets to mankind ...”

(LOL! “do your history” LOL!)

Well, after “doing my history” what I clearly see is that the “order” you speak of is nothing more than a cult.  See the information posted below.  Those interested can see if this so-called “Melchizedek Order” qualifies as an occult organization or not.

And again, in your clairvoyance, you see fit to tell us which of us are “preying” for you and which are not, because we couldn’t possibly be PRAYING for you and simultaneously refuting what you’re “trynna prove” on here by bombarding us with a deluge of cultic ramblings.

Yeah, based not only on your unbalanced behavior and what you’ve posted here, but also on what the “Melchizedek Order” has to say about itself on the web, I’d say Iconodule characterized you and your organization with cutting accuracy.

Lord Machiventa Melchizedek Introduces the Melchizedek Order  

Opportunity comes amid rapid yet beneficial changes which grant us time to step in so to speak to aid humanity past a time of expansion of consciousness, but to enlist your support in this conversion of consciousness.

I AM Machiventa Melchizedek, and I do welcome all of you into the fold so to speak of the Melchizedek Order. One energetic in origin, yet anchored securely into the earth plane now. We give you this great gift out of love, and a need to aid you remember who you truly are.

Gathering are forces to aid you, humanity out of the slumber which has you locked into materialism and short sighted thinking. Not taking into consideration are you the present extreme state of decline of this planet. So it is our wish to give you words on a regular basis to grasp the reigns so to speak, and pull up the bolting horse of consumption of resources and environment decline.

I offer you with my beloved vessel, a source of love and truth, to walk you safely through these troublesome times. Accepting love is the key, will you walk these troublesome times, accepting love is the key? Will you walk willingly now as Melchizedek's, opening to your divine heritage and hear this wake up call?

I call out to all Melchizedek's to now awaken, and live life fully aware of all your potentials to do good, but equally you have the power to misuse energy, and this comes with a responsibility. I ask each and every one of you now to awaken. This invitation rides the waves, the flow so to speak of energetic changes which have recently flowed, issuing you with new vibrational frequencies to aid your expansion of consciousness, to halt the decay which has taken place.

Rationalism would say keep jobs at all cost, the environment can wait. Not so! This opportunity comes but once, and all are invited to shift, and shift you must. The result if not changed from this present course is one of environmental suicide, taking with you this planet you call home. Gluttony for resources and personal needs has placed you humanity into a state of flux. Make no move to shift with positive actions the course before you and the outcome is not pleasant.

Joyful memories are of course important to those of you who value relationships, and it is no different with those of who represent the Spiritual Hierarchy, Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. All value relationships. What we see as important, nay vital to the evolution of the species, of humanity, is the extinguishment of fear, and for this purpose I have come to ask my beloved vessel Virginia Melchizedek, to take into her heart those in need, and in this process put in place the Order of Melchizedek. When done, completed, this web page, this will be a means of communication between those who represent the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, and those in body, those incarnated souls who have always represented the Melchizedek Order, and given that I Am Lord Machiventa Melchizedek, I have asked of my Beloved vessel that this webpage be provided free, open to all souls.

Inclusion has always been our way, offering that great path of Light and transforming those who seek to evolve and take the world with them. So it is that the Melchizedek Order is now available, (in Picton Australia), and with my Beloved vessel as my earthly representative I will give words of courage to those in need of such advise, and words to awaken those who do not issue from love. It is our expectation within this Melchizedek Order, the Great Work of recovery of humanity will be completed. Energetically aligned in heaven as on earth, as above so below, we ground now the Order of Melchizedek into this dimensional doorway, to beckon come all yee who love God and love others as thyself.

I Machiventa Melchizedek welcome you to this first introductory response, and ask of you if your soul calls out in recognition that you are summoned home so to speak, read these words and pass this information onto others. It is our expectation monthly newsletters will become available, to be issued at your request. ( when possible )

We stand at the doorway of change, unprecedented, activated and now speeding up. Cataclysmic events opening the mind of those previously closed to the impacts mankind has made upon this planet you call earth. We stand with you every step of the journey, and each and every one of you with activation of your memory codes will recognise truths when you see it, and hear truth within the heart.

My role is to beckon and call all to the light of understanding, to say to you now awaken my children. Stand up and be counted. Arrive wearing the seamless garment of truth. Speak only now of optimistic views. See hope as the chalice we bring, this vessel and I. I offer you this chalice of hope with an explanation. It is to prepare the way for Christ who is come into existence of hearts and minds open to such energy, but my children, has it been so long that you have forgotten your part at this time as planetary healers? Speak softly they say, and I would agree. Love your neighbour as yourself. Open the heart and speak openly of truth denied.

You enter a time of unprecedented change, monumental are the shifts which just occurred over the past year, (December 06-January 08) and necessarily it is so you see this time as structured for ethics and truth to reign supreme. We have given you energies of preparation, and given that this rainbow light beckons to all, shall you say, I will awaken and take up my chalice and offer hope to all.

Earth, your living planet, Gaia as she is called.


Be nice.  You know better.  Insulting another poster doesn't convince him of your position and it just violates forum rules.

You got it, boss. ;)

Even though I've been receiving low blows all night, I'll do my best to keep all mine above the beltline from here on in.  ;D

How's this?

Bless'ed Love To All,

Im very sorry for that Im new to the site and all the functions I havent worked out yet however I always give the salutation "Bless'ed Love To All" before I address the subject at hand.  I would like to say that if you like we can have a decent conversation about this information if you so choose.  As you can see its very contraversial and I've been asked to leave it alone.  I am willing to talk with you about whatever but this doesnt seem to be the place for that.  You may send a personal e-mail if you like...... Se'lah

By who?  No one asked you to "leave it alone".  Just keep it civil when the information you advance is contradicted (as you must realize it inevitably will be).

Bless'ed Love To All

Im not here to make anyone feel disrespected, uncomfortable, wrong, right or anything of that nature.  

Except, of course, the people you attack in just such a manner, including the good father himself when you dismissed him as “oh supreme and knowledgible one” for daring to contradict you.

Despite my sometimes flippant attitude and your misrepresentation of my motives and character, I'm not a contentious individual, and I invite you to continue this debate sans ad hominem attacks from either side.
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I'm with the camp of 13 million Americans that believe politicians are, or are controlled by, Reptilians. I think only monks can solve this problem. It doesn't seem right that they prefer to ignore it.

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Re: Melchizedek
« Reply #91 on: July 20, 2010, 08:18:17 PM »
I think it is based on the Book of Jubilees, which is part of the Ethiopian canon.  I think it was discussed here:,23347.0.html
Yes. Specifically reply #30.
I see. Seems to me to be a case of people taking Scripture waaaaaay too literally.

I see also, Gebre, that you never actually substantiated your claim in that thread that "evolutionists support abortion." I asked you to 1) prove the existence of "evolutionists" and 2) to show that this demographic tend to support abortions. You completely ignored me, and when the thread ran its natural course, I gave up, not wanting to perpetuate the discussion for that reason alone. However, now that the discussion has resurfaced, would you like to either substantiate or retract that claim?

Seems like a whole separate issue, but I'll try to indulge you anyway.

I contend that the majority of atheistic evolutionists favor keeping abortion legal. I haven't done a study on it, but if you show me evidence to the contrary then I'll change my contention. My contention is based on personal experience, the reading I have done, the political positions held by those who believe in evolution, and other factors. I make no claim to empirically verifiable data, but I would be shocked if evidence could prove my contention wrong. As for "theistic evolutionists," I don't really know and don't really care, since the position of theistic evolution is the most philosophically and scientifically untenable position out of the three (Creationism, atheisitc evolution, theistic evolution.) But I imagine that most evolutionists within the Church would say they are "personally opposed to abortion." What that means as far as the reality of how it actually effects abortion is anybody's guess.

But hey, I'll start a poll about it.


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Re: Melchizedek
« Reply #92 on: July 20, 2010, 09:15:46 PM »
Thank you for starting another thread, Gebre.  I'm going to ask that the subject hereinafter be addressed there.

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Re: Melchizedek
« Reply #93 on: July 23, 2010, 09:24:23 PM »
From time to time, occultists like Ras Salem will dabble in "exoteric" churches like Orthodoxy or Catholicism. You see this among many Masons, Rosicrucians, "Traditionalists," etc. They might borrow things from Orthodoxy while teaching what amounts to a completely different religion. It gives them a feeling of legitimacy and also it gets them some attention. And then there are also Gnostic "churches" claiming apostolic succession through some vagante bishop. But of course Ras Salem has some inner knowledge of what Christianity really teaches, and anyone who disagrees can only be ignorant or deluded, shut out from the inner circle of initiates.

Yeah, it reminds me of what some of the early christians were going through with the ancient gnostics. Hmm, I wonder if Enoch and Ras Salem are part of the same group?

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Re: Melchizedek
« Reply #94 on: July 24, 2010, 12:36:12 AM »
Thank you, Gebre. I have been reading the thread you created, though I have not posted in it. I am mainly interested to hear what others have to say.
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